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  The archive contains all species ever had for sale. Some are available throughout the year, some only during a few month and some are only available every few years for a few weeks. This list is for your reference only. No pre-orders are taken.
• Updated on: Tuesday, May 29, 2018.
• The archive contains more than 1700 plant species.
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  Botanical name Common name
  Acanthophoenix crinita White Barbel Palm
  Acanthophoenix rousselii  
  Acanthophoenix rubra  
  Acoelorraphe wrightii Everglades Palm
  Acrocomia aculeata Coyol Palm
  Acrocomia intumescens  
  Acrocomia totai  
  Actinokentia divaricata  
  Actinokentia divaricata (Watermelon)  
  Actinorhytis calapparia Calappa Palm
  Adonidia merrillii Christmas Palm
  Adonidia merrillii (Golden) Golden Christmas Palm
  Aiphanes horrida Coyure Palm
  Aiphanes eggersii Corozo Palm
  Aiphanes minima Macaw Palm
  Allagoptera arenaria Restinga Palm
  Allagoptera campestris  
  Allagoptera caudescens (Bahia) Buri Palm
  Allagoptera leucocalyx  
  Alloschmidia glabrata  
  Alsmithia longipes (= Heterospathe longipes)  
  Aphandra natalia Tagua Palm
  Archontophoenix alexandrae King Palm
  Archontophoenix alexandrae (Beatriceae) Mt. Elliott King Palm
  Archontophoenix cunninghamiana Bangalow Palm, Piccabeen Palm
  Archontophoenix cunninghamiana (Illawarra) Illawarra King Palm, Hardy King Palm
  Archontophoenix maxima Walsh River Palm
  Archontophoenix myolensis Myola Palm
  Archontophoenix purpurea Mt. Lewis King Palm
  Archontophoenix tuckeri Peach Creek Palm
  Areca catechu Betel Nut Palm
  Areca catechu (Dwarf) Dwarf Betel Nut Palm
  Areca catechu (Golden) Golden Betel Nut Palm
  Areca guppyana Sacred Palm
  Areca insignis  
  Areca ipot Ipot Palm
  Areca laosensis Chocolate Palm
  Areca macrocalyx Highland Betel Nut Palm
  Areca macrocalyx (Timika) Timika Betel Nut Palm
  Areca minuta  
  Areca montana  
  Areca novohibernica Kugumaru Palm
  Areca ridleyana  
  Areca subacaulis  
  Areca triandra  
  Areca tunku  
  Areca vestiaria  
  Areca vestiaria (Maroon)  
  Areca vestiaria (Yellow)  
  Arenga australasica Australian Sugar Palm
  Arenga brevipes  
  Arenga caudata Miniature Sugar Palm
  Arenga caudata (bifid leaf) Miniature Sugar Palm
  Arenga engleri Dwarf Sugar Palm
  Arenga hastata  
  Arenga hookeriana  
  Arenga micrantha Tibetan Sugar Palm
  Arenga microcarpa Aren Sagu
  Arenga obtusifolia  
  Arenga pinnata Sugar Palm
  Arenga porphyrocarpa  
  Arenga ryukyuensis  
  Arenga tremula Philippine Dwarf Sugar Palm
  Arenga undulatifolia Aren Gelora
  Arenga westerhoutii Westerhout's Sugar Palm
  Asterogyne martiana Pata de Gallo
  Asterogyne spicata Palmito Palm
  Astrocaryum aculeatissimum Brejaúva Palm
  Astrocaryum alatum Coquillo Palm
  Astrocaryum jauari  
  Astrocaryum murumuru  
  Astrocaryum standleyanum Mocora Palm
  Astrocaryum vulgare Tucuma Palm
  Attalea allenii  
  Attalea barreirensis  
  Attalea butyracea Yagua Palm
  Attalea cohune Cohune Palm
  Attalea colenda  
  Attalea dubia Bacuaçu Palm
  Attalea exigua  
  Attalea funifera Piassaba Palm
  Attalea geraensis Indaiá Palm
  Attalea iguadummat  
  Attalea maripa Maripa Palm
  Attalea oleifera Andaiá Palm
  Attalea phalerata Urucuri Palm
  Attalea rostrata  
  Attalea speciosa Cusi Palm
  Bactris brogniartii Bango Palm
  Bactris coloniata Uvito Palm
  Bactris coloradonis  
  Bactris concinna var. concinna  
  Bactris ferruginea  
  Bactris gasipaes Peach Palm
  Bactris gasipaes (spineless) Spineless Peach Palm
  Bactris gasipaes var. chichagui (= Bactris macana) Chinamato Palm
  Bactris glandulosa Gold Palm
  Bactris glandulosa var. baileyana Bailey's Gold Palm
  Bactris glaucescens  
  Bactris gracilior  
  Bactris grayumi  
  Bactris guineensis Coyolito Palm
  Bactris hondurensis Tapir Palm
  Bactris major var. major  
  Bactris maraja var. maraja  
  Bactris mexicana  
  Bactris militaris  
  Bactris pilosa  
  Bactris rhaphidacantha Tiwara Palm
  Bactris riparia  
  Bactris setosa Jucúm Palm
  Bactris setulosa Jingapá Palm
  Balaka longirostris  
  Balaka microcarpa Spear Palm
  Balaka seemannii Seemann's Palm
  Basselinia eriostachys  
  Basselinia favieri  
  Basselinia gracilis  
  Basselinia gracilis (Dwarf)  
  Basselinia humboldtiana  
  Basselinia pancheri Black Basselinia
  Basselinia pancheri (Me Ori) Me Ori Basselinia
  Basselinia sp. (Moorei) Moore's Basselinia
  Basselinia tomentosa  
  Basselinia velutina  
  Beccariophoenix alfredii  
  Beccariophoenix madagascariensis  
  Beccariophoenix sp. (Eastern)  
  Beccariophoenix sp. (Pointed Seed)  
  Bentinckia condapanna Lord Bentinck's Palm
  Bentinckia nicobarica Nicobar Palm
  Bismarckia nobilis (Mayotte) Mayotte Bismarck Palm
  Bismarckia nobilis (Silver) Bismarck Palm
  Bismarckia nobilis (Green)  
  Borassodendron borneense  
  Borassodendron machadonis  
  Borassus aethiopum African Palmyra Palm
  Borassus akeassii Ake Assi's Palmyra Palm
  Borassus flabellifer Palmyra Palm
  Borassus madagascariensis Madagascar Palmyra Palm
  Borassus sambiranensis Sambirano Palmyra Palm
  Brahea aculeata  
  Brahea armata Blue Hesper Palm
  Brahea berlandieri  
  Brahea brandegeei San José Hesper Palm
  Brahea clara Sonora Hesper Palm
  Brahea clara (Icy Blue) Blue Sonora Hesper Palm
  Brahea decumbens Mexican Dwarf Blue Palm
  Brahea dulcis Rock Palm
  Brahea dulcis (Blue) Rock Palm
  Brahea edulis Guadalupe Palm
  Brahea elegans Franceschi Palm
  Brahea moorei Dwarf Rock Palm
  Brahea nitida White Rock Palm
  Brahea pimo  
  Brahea sarukhanii Sarukhan's Hesper Palm
  Brahea sp. (Nuri)  
  Brahea sp. (Super Silver) Silver Rock Palm
  Brassiophoenix drymophloeoides  
  Brassiophoenix schumannii  
  Brongniartikentia lanuginosa (= Clinosperma lanuginosa)  
  Burretiokentia dumasii  
  Burretiokentia hapala  
  Burretiokentia koghiensis  
  Burretiokentia viellardii  
  Butia archeri Dwarf Jelly Palm
  Butia catarinensis Southern Jelly Palm
  Butia eriospatha Woolly Jelly Palm
  Butia eriospatha x B. microspadix F2  
  Butia eriospatha x Syagrus glaucescens F1  
  Butia eriospatha x Syagrus romanzoffiana (Litoralis) F1  
  Butia microspadix Dwarf Wooly Jelly Palm
  Butia odorata Jelly Palm
  Butia odorata (Variegated)  
  Butia odorata x Jubaea chilensis F2  
  Butia paraguayensis Dwarf Yatay Palm
  Butia purpurascens Purple Yatay Palm
  Butia yatay Yatay Palm
  Butyagrus nabonnandii F1 Mule Palm
  Calamus acanthospathus Rattan Palm
  Calamus arborescens  
  Calamus caesius Sega Rattan
  Calamus caryotoides Fishtail Lawyer Cane
  Calamus castaneus Mountain Nypa
  Calamus concinnus Coastal Rattan
  Calamus diepenhorstii Bitter Rattan
  Calamus erectus Viagra Palm
  Calamus erinaceus Hedgehog Rattan
  Calamus faberi  
  Calamus flagellum  
  Calamus guruba  
  Calamus henryanus Henry's Rattan Palm
  Calamus hollrungii Hollrung's Rattan Palm
  Calamus inermis Rattan Palm
  Calamus javensis  
  Calamus khasianus  
  Calamus latifolius  
  Calamus leptospadix Rattan Palm
  Calamus longisetus  
  Calamus luridus  
  Calamus ornatus Black Mountain Rattan
  Calamus palustris  
  Calamus peregrinus  
  Calamus radicalis Vicious Hairy Mary
  Calamus rudentum Lizard Rattan
  Calamus scipionum Semambu Rattan
  Calamus siamensis Thai Rattan Palm
  Calamus sp. (Borneo)  
  Calamus tetradactlyus  
  Calamus vestitus Guadalcanal Rattan Palm
  Calamus viminalis Bitter Rattan Palm
  Calamus vitiensis (= C. vanuatuensis)  
  Calyptrocalyx albertisianus Sunset Palm
  Calyptrocalyx caudiculatus  
  Calyptrocalyx doxanthus  
  Calyptrocalyx elegans  
  Calyptrocalyx forbesii  
  Calyptrocalyx hollrungii Hollrung's Palm
  Calyptrocalyx julianettii  
  Calyptrocalyx leptostachys  
  Calyptrocalyx micholitzii Micholitz's Palm
  Calyptrocalyx pachystachys  
  Calyptrocalyx pachystachys (Bedang Dawn Noda Noda)  
  Calyptrocalyx pauciflorus  
  Calyptrocalyx polyphyllus  
  Calyptrocalyx sp. (Awa) Awa Palm
  Calyptrocalyx sp. (Yamu Tumune)  
  Calyptrocalyx sp. (Fasciculata)  
  Calyptrocalyx sp. (Kainlas)  
  Calyptrocalyx sp. (Mara)  
  Calyptrocalyx sp. (Reflexa)  
  Calyptrocalyx sp. (Sanumb) Sanumb Palm
  Calyptrocalyx spicatus Maluku Kentia Palm
  Calyptrogyne condensata  
  Calyptrogyne costatifrons  
  Calyptrogyne costatifrons subsp. occidentalis  
  Calyptrogyne ghiesbreghtiana Vampire Palm
  Calyptrogyne panamensis subsp. panamensis  
  Calyptrogyne sp. (Paddys Delight)  
  Calyptrogyne tutensis  
  Calyptronoma rivalis  
  Campecarpus fulcitus New Caledonian Stilt Root Palm
  Carpentaria acuminata Carpentaria Palm
  Carpoxylon macrospermum Aneityum Palm
  Caryota bacsonensis  
  Caryota cummingii Philippine Fishtail Palm
  Caryota kiriwongensis Kiriwong Fishtail Palm
  Caryota maxima (Himalaya) Himalayan or Mountain Fish Tail Palm
  Caryota maxima Mountain Fish Tail Palm
  Caryota maxima (Ko Chang) Ko Chang Fishtail Palm
  Caryota mitis Clustered Fishtail Palm
  Caryota mitis (Variegata) Variegated Fishtail Palm
  Caryota monostachya Dwarf Fishtail Palm
  Caryota no Borneo Fishtail Palm
  Caryota obtusa (C. gigas) Giant Fishtail Palm
  Caryota obtusa (India form) Giant Fishtail Palm
  Caryota obtusa (China) Giant Fishtail Palm
  Caryota ochlandra Chinese Fishtail Palm
  Caryota ophiopellis Snakeskin Fishtail Palm
  Caryota rumphiana Australian Fishtail Palm
  Caryota sp. (Solitaire) Solitaire Fishtail Palm
  Caryota sp. (Mystery/Cluster)  
  Caryota urens Jaggery Palm, Toddy Palm
  Caryota zebrina Zebra Fishtail Palm
  Ceroxylon alpinum Andean Wax Palm
  Ceroxylon amazonicum Amazon Wax Palm
  Ceroxylon echinulatum Pumbo Wax Palm
  Ceroxylon parvifrons Golden Wax Palm
  Ceroxylon parvum Dwarf Wax Palm
  Ceroxylon quindiuense Quindio Wax Palm
  Ceroxylon ventricosum Ecuadorian Wax Palm
  Ceroxylon vogelianum (C. hexandrum)  
  Chamaedorea adscendens Velvet Palm
  Chamaedorea allenii  
  Chamaedorea alternans  
  Chamaedorea amabilis Lovely Palm
  Chamaedorea anemophila  
  Chamaedorea arenbergiana  
  Chamaedorea cataractarum Cascade Palm, Cat Palm
  Chamaedorea costaricana Costa Rica Bamboo Palm
  Chamaedorea dammeriana Sirik Palm
  Chamaedorea deckeriana  
  Chamaedorea deneversiana  
  Chamaedorea elatior  
  Chamaedorea elegans Parlor Palm
  Chamaedorea elegans (Negrita)  
  Chamaedorea ernesti-augusti  
  Chamaedorea fragrans Sangapilla Palm
  Chamaedorea geonomiformis  
  Chamaedorea glaucifolia Glaucous Parlour Palm
  Chamaedorea hooperiana Maya Palm, Hooper's Palm
  Chamaedorea klotzschiana  
  Chamaedorea liebmannii  
  Chamaedorea linearis St. Paul's Cane Palm
  Chamaedorea lucidifrons  
  Chamaedorea macrospadix  
  Chamaedorea matae  
  Chamaedorea metallica  
  Chamaedorea microspadix Bamboo Palm
  Chamaedorea neurochlamys  
  Chamaedorea nubium  
  Chamaedorea oblongata  
  Chamaedorea oreophila  
  Chamaedorea palmeriana  
  Chamaedorea pinnatifrons  
  Chamaedorea plumosa  
  Chamaedorea pochutlensis  
  Chamaedorea pumila  
  Chamaedorea quetzalteca  
  Chamaedorea radicalis  
  Chamaedorea radicalis (arborescent)  
  Chamaedorea robertii  
  Chamaedorea sartorii  
  Chamaedorea scheryi  
  Chamaedorea schiedeana  
  Chamaedorea seifrizii Seifriz's Bamboo Palm
  Chamaedorea seifrizii (Blue) Blue Bamboo Palm
  Chamaedorea selvae  
  Chamaedorea stenocarpa Las Cruces Elfin Palm
  Chamaedorea stolonifera  
  Chamaedorea tenella  
  Chamaedorea tenerrima Flare Palm
  Chamaedorea tepejilote Pacaya Palm
  Chamaedorea tepejilote (Blanco) White Pacaya Palm
  Chamaedorea tepejilote (clustering) Pacaya Palm
  Chamaedorea tuerckheimii (Veracruz) Potato-Chip Palm
  Chamaedorea undulatifolia  
  Chamaedorea verapazensis  
  Chamaedorea warscewiczii  
  Chamaedorea woodsoniana  
  Chamaedorea woodsoniana (Gigante)  
  Chamaedorea zamorae  
  Chamaerops humilis Mediterranean Fan Palm
  Chamaerops humilis (Vulcano) Vulcano Fan Palm
  Chamaerops humilis var. cerifera Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm
  Chambeyronia lepidota (High Elevation) Highland Red Leaf Palm
  Chambeyronia lepidota (Mid Elevation) Highland Red Leaf Palm
  Chambeyronia macrocarpa Red Leaf Palm
  Chambeyronia macrocarpa (Houailou) Houailou Red Leaf Palm
  Chambeyronia macrocarpa (Hookeri)  
  Chambeyronia macrocarpa (Watermelon) Variegated Red Leaf Palm
  Chelyocarpus chuco Round Leaf Palm
  Chuniophoenix hainanensis Hainan Fan Palm
  Chuniophoenix nana  
  Clinosperma bracteale Red Coral Palm
  Clinostigma exorrhiza  
  Clinostigma gronophyllum  
  Clinostigma harlandii  
  Clinostigma ponapense  
  Clinostigma ponapense X C. harlandii F2  
  Clinostigma samoense  
  Clinostigma savoryana Bonin Islands Palm
  Clinostigma warburgii  
  Coccothrinax argentata Silver Thatch Palm
  Coccothrinax argentea Hispaniola Silver Thatch Palm
  Coccothrinax barbadensis Silver Thatch
  Coccothrinax borhidiana Borhidis Guano Palm
  Coccothrinax boschiana  
  Coccothrinax clarensis subsp. clarensis Santa Clara Silver Palm
  Coccothrinax concolor Haiti Silver Palm
  Coccothrinax crinita Old Man Palm
  Coccothrinax crinita subsp. brevicrinis Short Hair Old Man Palm
  Coccothrinax ekmanii  
  Coccothrinax fragrans Fragrant Cuban Thatch Palm
  Coccothrinax gracilis Hispaniola Silver Palm
  Coccothrinax macroglossa  
  Coccothrinax macroglossa (Azul)  
  Coccothrinax miraguama  
  Coccothrinax moaensis  
  Coccothrinax montana  
  Coccothrinax pauciramosa Yuraguana Palm
  Coccothrinax proctorii Proctor's Silver Palm
  Coccothrinax scoparia Highland Silver Palm
  Coccothrinax spissa Hispaniola Belly Palm
  Cocos nucifera Coconut Palm
  Colpothrinax wrightii Cuban Bottle Palm
  Copernicia alba  
  Copernicia baileyana Yarey Palm
  Copernicia berteroana  
  Copernicia cowellii Dwarf Jata Palm
  Copernicia ekmanii Ekman's Silver Palm
  Copernicia fallaensis Giant Yarey Palm
  Copernicia glabrescens  
  Copernicia hospita  
  Copernicia macroglossa Cuban Petticoat Palm
  Copernicia prunifera  
  Copernicia rigida Jata Palm
  Copernicia tectorum  
  Corypha lecomtei  
  Corypha umbraculifera Talipot Palm
  Corypha utan Buri Palm
  Cryosophila guagara Guágara Palm
  Cryosophila kalbreyeri Barbasco Palm
  Cryosophila nana  
  Cryosophila stauracantha Root Spine Palm
  Cryosophila warscewiczii Guáguara Palm
  Cyphophoenix elegans  
  Cyphophoenix nucele Lifou Palm
  Cyphosperma balansae  
  Cyphosperma sp. (Ambae)  
  Cyphosperma sp. (Naboutini)  
  Cyphosperma tanga Taqwa Palm
  Cyrtostachys elegans  
  Cyrtostachys glauca  
  Cyrtostachys loriae  
  Cyrtostachys renda Sealing Wax Palm
  Daemonorops angustifolia Water Rattan Palm
  Daemonorops grandis  
  Daemonorops jenkinsiana Major Jenkins' Rattan Palm
  Daemonorops lewisiana Lewis' Rattan Palm
  Daemonorops melanochaetes Chocolate Rattan
  Daemonorops ochrolepis Sumulid Rattan Palm
  Daemonorops sabut Hair-Spine Rattan
  Daemonorops schmidtiana Mountain Ginseng Rattan Palm
  Deckenia nobilis  
  Desmoncus orthacanthos Climbing Palm
  Dictyocaryum lamarckianum Andean Royal Palm
  Dictyosperma album Hurricane Palm
  Dictyosperma album var. aureum Rodrigues Hurricane Palm
  Dictyosperma album var. conjugatum Round Island Hurricane Palm
  Drymophloeus hentyi  
  Drymophloeus litigiosus  
  Drymophloeus oliviformis  
  Drymophloeus oninensis  
  Drymophloeus subdistichus  
  Dypsis albofarinosa White Powder Palm
  Dypsis ambositrae Ambositra Palm
  Dypsis ampasindavae  
  Dypsis angustifolia  
  Dypsis arenarum Sand Palm
  Dypsis baronii Sugar Cane Palm
  Dypsis baronii (Black Petiole)  
  Dypsis beentjei  
  Dypsis bejofo Brain Seed Palm
  Dypsis boiviniana Talanoka Palm
  Dypsis bonsai Bonsai Palm
  Dypsis brevicaulis  
  Dypsis cabadae Cabada Palm
  Dypsis carlsmithii Stumpy Palm
  Dypsis catatiana Catat's Palm
  Dypsis caudata  
  Dypsis cf. tsaravoasira Beragoka Palm
  Dypsis concinna  
  Dypsis confusa Tsikara Palm
  Dypsis cookei  
  Dypsis corniculata  
  Dypsis crinita Vonitra Palm
  Dypsis curtisii  
  Dypsis decaryi Triangle Palm
  Dypsis decipiens Manambe Palm
  Dypsis dransfieldii  
  Dypsis eriostachys Silk Palm
  Dypsis faneva  
  Dypsis fasciculata  
  Dypsis fibrosa Mountain Vonitra Palm
  Dypsis forficifolia  
  Dypsis glabrescens  
  Dypsis heteromorpha  
  Dypsis heterophylla  
  Dypsis hiarakae Sinkiara Palm
  Dypsis hovomantsina Hovomantsina Palm
  Dypsis intermedia  
  Dypsis interrupta  
  Dypsis jumelleana  
  Dypsis lanceolata Ivovowo Palm
  Dypsis lantzeana  
  Dypsis lanuginosa  
  Dypsis lastelliana Red Neck Palm
  Dypsis leptocheilos Teddy Bear Palm
  Dypsis lokohoensis  
  Dypsis louvelii  
  Dypsis lutea  
  Dypsis lutescens Golden Cane Palm, Areca Palm
  Dypsis madagascariensis  
  Dypsis madagascariensis (Mahajanga) Mahajanga Palm
  Dypsis makirae  
  Dypsis malcomberi Malcomber's Palm
  Dypsis mananjarensis Mealy Bug Palm
  Dypsis mangorensis  
  Dypsis marojejyi Madagascar Foxtail Palm
  Dypsis mcdonaldiana McDonalds Palm
  Dypsis minuta  
  Dypsis mocquerysiana  
  Dypsis montana  
  Dypsis nauseosa  
  Dypsis nodifera Ovana Palm
  Dypsis onilahensis Onilahy Palm
  Dypsis oropedionis Plateau Palm
  Dypsis ovobontsira Ovobontsira Palm
  Dypsis pachyramea  
  Dypsis paludosa  
  Dypsis paludosa (Florencei)  
  Dypsis pembana Pemba Palm
  Dypsis pervillei  
  Dypsis pilulifera  
  Dypsis pinnatifrons  
  Dypsis plumosa  
  Dypsis poivreana  
  Dypsis prestoniana Tavilo Palm
  Dypsis procera  
  Dypsis psammophila White Sand Palm
  Dypsis pulchella  
  Dypsis ramentacea  
  Dypsis remotiflora  
  Dypsis rivularis Sari Palm
  Dypsis robusta  
  Dypsis sahanofensis Sahanofo Palm
  Dypsis saintelucei Sainte-Luce Palm
  Dypsis sanctaemariae Sainte-Marie Palm
  Dypsis schatzii  
  Dypsis scottiana Raosy Palm
  Dypsis serpentina  
  Dypsis simiaensis  
  Dypsis soanieranae Soanierana Palm
  Dypsis sp. (Mayotte) Sohoa Palm
  Dypsis sp. (Ambanja)  
  Dypsis sp. (Broad Leaf)  
  Dypsis sp. (Dark Mealybug)  
  Dypsis sp. (Pink Crownshaft)  
  Dypsis sp. (White Petiole)  
  Dypsis thiryana Tsinkiara Palm
  Dypsis tokoravina  
  Dypsis utilis Vonitra Palm
  Dypsis viridis  
  Elaeis guineensis African Oil Palm
  Elaeis oleifera American Oil Palm
  Eleiodoxa conferta  
  Eugeissona tristis Dull Bertam Palm
  Eugeissonia utilis Useful Bertam Palm
  Euterpe edulis Juçara Palm
  Euterpe edulis (Orange Crownshaft)  
  Euterpe espiritosantensis Yellow Crownshaft Palm
  Euterpe longebracteata  
  Euterpe oleracea Acai Palm
  Euterpe oleracea (Branco) White Açaí Palm
  Euterpe oleracea (Pará Dwarf) "Super Berry"
  Euterpe oleracea X Euterpe edulis F2  
  Euterpe precatoria Mountain Cabbage Palm
  Euterpe precatoria (Variegata) Variegated Mountain Cabbage Palm
  Gastrococos crispa Cuban Belly Palm
  Gaussia attenuata Llume Palm
  Gaussia maya Maya Palm
  Gaussia princeps Sierra Palm
  Geonoma brenesii  
  Geonoma brevispatha var. brevispatha Cana Preta
  Geonoma calyptrogynoidea  
  Geonoma chococola subsp. awaensis (Durango)  
  Geonoma congesta Suita Palm
  Geonoma cuneata subsp. procumbens  
  Geonoma cuneata var. cuneata  
  Geonoma deversa  
  Geonoma epetiolata Stained Glass Palm
  Geonoma gamiova Arecana Palm
  Geonoma hugonis  
  Geonoma interrupta Chontilla
  Geonoma longevaginata  
  Geonoma macrostachys  
  Geonoma maxima var. maxima  
  Geonoma monospatha  
  Geonoma mooreana  
  Geonoma pauciflora ssp. elegans Ouricana Palm
  Geonoma pohliana Ouricana Palm
  Geonoma rubescens  
  Geonoma schottiana Guarika Palm
  Geonoma sp. (Entire Leaf)  
  Geonoma undata  
  Gronophyllum sp. (Filiawoi Yamu) Dinner Plate Palm
  Guihaia argyrata Guilin Dwarf Palm
  Guihaia grossefibrosa Guangxi Dwarf Palm
  Hedyscepe canterburyana Umbrella Palm, Big Mountain Palm
  Hemithrinax ekmaniana (= Thrinax ekmaniana) Jumagua Palm
  Heterospathe barfodii  
  Heterospathe cagayanensis Cagayan Sagisi Palm
  Heterospathe delicatula  
  Heterospathe elata Sagisi Palm
  Heterospathe elmeri  
  Heterospathe intermedia  
  Heterospathe minor  
  Heterospathe negrosensis  
  Heterospathe phillipsii Phillips' Palm
  Heterospathe scitula  
  Heterospathe sp. (Haiacha)  
  Heterospathe uniformis Fakul Palm
  Heterospathe woodfordiana Solomon Sagisi Palm
  Howea belmoreana Curly Palm
  Howea forsteriana Kentia Palm
  Hydriastele affinis  
  Hydriastele beccariana  
  Hydriastele beguinii  
  Hydriastele costata  
  Hydriastele cylindrocarpa (= Gulubia c.)  
  Hydriastele dransfieldii  
  Hydriastele flabellata (= Gronophyllum f., Nengella f.)  
  Hydriastele kasesa  
  Hydriastele ledermanniana  
  Hydriastele longispatha (= Gulubia longispatha)  
  Hydriastele macrospadix  
  Hydriastele microcarpa  
  Hydriastele microspadix  
  Hydriastele pinangoides  
  Hydriastele pleurocarpa  
  Hydriastele rheophytica  
  Hydriastele selebica (= Gronophyllum selebicum)  
  Hydriastele sp. (East Sepik)  
  Hydriastele vitiensis  
  Hydriastele wendlandiana  
  Hyophorbe indica (Southern)  
  Hyophorbe indica (Eastern)  
  Hyophorbe lagenicaulis Bottle Palm
  Hyophorbe verschaffeltii Spindle Palm
  Hyophorbe verschaffeltii X lagenicaulis F2 Silver Lady Palm
  Hyospathe elegans  
  Hyphaene compressa East African Doum Palm
  Hyphaene coriacea Ilala Palm
  Hyphaene dankaliensis Afar Doum Palm
  Hyphaene petersiana Vegetable Ivory Palm
  Hyphaene thebaica Egyptian Doum Palm
  Iguanura ambigua  
  Iguanura asli  
  Iguanura belumensis  
  Iguanura bicornis Horned Seed Palm
  Iguanura borneensis  
  Iguanura curvata  
  Iguanura elegans  
  Iguanura geonomiformis  
  Iguanura macrostachya  
  Iguanura macrostachya (Entire leaf)  
  Iguanura melinauensis  
  Iguanura myochodoides  
  Iguanura palmuncula  
  Iguanura piahensis  
  Iguanura sanderiana  
  Iguanura sp. (Penrissen)  
  Iguanura wallichiana var. major  
  Iguanura wallichiana var. wallichiana  
  Iriartea deltoidea (Amazonia) Copa Palm
  Iriartea deltoidea (Costa Rica) Copa Palm
  Iriartea deltoidea (Pacific) Copa Palm
  Itaya amicorum  
  Johannesteijsmannia altifrons Joey
  Johannesteijsmannia lanceolata Slender Joey
  Johannesteijsmannia magnifica Silver Joey
  Johannesteijsmannia perakensis Joey on a Stick
  Jubaea chilensis Chilean Wine Palm
  Jubaea chilensis (Blue) Chilean Wine Palm
  Jubaea chilensis X Butia odorata F2  
  Jubaeopsis caffra Pondoland Palm
  Kentiopsis magnifica  
  Kentiopsis oliviformis  
  Kentiopsis piersoniorum  
  Kentiopsis pyriformis  
  Kerriodoxa elegans White Elephant Palm
  Laccospadix australasicus Atherton Palm
  Latania loddigesii Blue Latan Palm
  Latania lontaroides Red Latan Palm
  Latania verschaffeltii Yellow Latan Palm
  Lavoixia macrocarpa (= Clinosperma macrocarpa)  
  Lemurophoenix halleuxii Red Lemur Palm
  Leopoldinia piassaba Chiqui-chiqui Palm
  Lepidorrhachis mooreana Little Mountain Palm
  Leucothrinax morrisii Brittle Thatch Palm
  Licuala aurantiaca Golden Licuala
  Licuala bidentata  
  Licuala bintuluensis  
  Licuala cabalionii  
  Licuala concinna  
  Licuala cordata Heart-shaped Fan Palm
  Licuala crassiflora  
  Licuala dasyantha Vietnamese Paradise Palm
  Licuala densiflora  
  Licuala distans  
  Licuala ferruginea  
  Licuala flabellum  
  Licuala fordiana  
  Licuala fractiflexa  
  Licuala furcata  
  Licuala grandiflora  
  Licuala grandis  
  Licuala kemamanensis Kemaman Fan Palm
  Licuala khoonmengii Metallic Fan Palm
  Licuala kunstleri  
  Licuala lauterbachii  
  Licuala lauterbachii var. bougainvillensis Bougainville Palm
  Licuala longipes  
  Licuala malajana  
  Licuala malajana var. humilis  
  Licuala mattanensis (Mapu)  
  Licuala merguensis  
  Licuala montana  
  Licuala mustapana Pinwheel Fan Palm
  Licuala naumannii  
  Licuala orbicularis  
  Licuala orbicularis (Split Leaf)  
  Licuala paludosa Swamp Fan Palm
  Licuala parviflora  
  Licuala peekelii  
  Licuala peltata var. peltata  
  Licuala peltata var. sumawongii  
  Licuala petiolulata  
  Licuala platydactyla  
  Licuala poonsakii Poonsak's Fan Palm
  Licuala pumila  
  Licuala ramsayi Australian Fan Palm
  Licuala rumphii Celebes Fan Palm
  Licuala sallehana var. sallehana  
  Licuala sarawakensis  
  Licuala sp. (Ahi)  
  Licuala sp. (Ah Ka Sa)  
  Licuala sp. (Pre Ati)  
  Licuala sp. (Timika Bronze) Savoy Brown Palm
  Licuala spicata  
  Licuala spinosa Mangrove Fan Palm
  Licuala terengganuensis Terengganu Fan Palm
  Licuala triphylla  
  Licuala valida  
  Linospadix microcaryus (= L. sessilifolius) Walking Stick Palm
  Linospadix minor Jakarungle
  Linospadix monostachya Walking Stick Palm
  Linospadix palmeriana Palmers Walking Stick Palm
  Livistona australis Southern Fan Palm
  Livistona benthamii Bentham's Fountain Palm
  Livistona boninensis  
  Livistona carinensis  
  Livistona chinensis Chinese Fan Palm, Fountain Palm
  Livistona decora Ribbon Fan Palm
  Livistona eastonii Mitchell Plateau Fan Palm
  Livistona endauensis Endau Fan Palm
  Livistona fulva  
  Livistona humilis Sand Palm
  Livistona inermis Wispy Fan Palm
  Livistona jenkinsiana Major Jenkins' Palm
  Livistona kimberleyana Kimberley Fan Palm
  Livistona lanuginosa Cape River Fan Palm
  Livistona lorophylla  
  Livistona mariae  
  Livistona muelleri Australian Dwarf Fan Palm
  Livistona nitida Carnavon Palm
  Livistona rigida Mataranka Palm
  Livistona robinsoniana  
  Livistona rotundifolia Footstool Palm
  Livistona saribus Taraw Palm
  Livistona speciosa  
  Livistona woodfordii Nggela Fountain Palm
  Lodoicea maldivica  
  Loxococcus rupicola Crook Fruit Palm, Dotalu Palm
  Lytocaryum hoehnei Hoehne's Miniature Coconut Palm
  Lytocaryum weddellianum Miniature Coconut Palm
  Manicaria saccifera Troolie Palm
  Marojejya darianii Big Leaf Palm
  Marojejya insignis  
  Masoala kona Kona Palm
  Masoala madagascariensis  
  Mauritia flexuosa Morete Palm
  Mauritiella aculeata Rio Negro Palm, Morichito Palm
  Mauritiella armata Moretillo Palm
  Medemia argun Nubian Desert Palm
  Metroxylon sagu Sago Palm
  Metroxylon salomonense Solomon Ivory Nut Palm
  Metroxylon vitienense Fiji Sago Palm
  Metroxylon warburgii Vanuatu Sago Palm
  Metroxylon warburgii (Southern) Southern Vanuatu Sago Palm
  Metroxylon warburgii (Southern) - sprouted seeds Southern Vanuatu Sago Palm
  Moratia cerifera  
  Myrialepis paradoxa Kertong Rattan
  Nannorrhops arabica (Silver) Silver Mazari Palm
  Nannorrhops ritchiana Mazari Palm
  Nannorrhops ritchiana (Kashmir)  
  Nannorrhops sp. (Iran Silver) Silver Mazari Palm
  Nenga macrocarpa  
  Nenga pumila var. pachystachya  
  Nenga pumila var. pumila  
  Neoveitchia brunnea Devil Palm
  Neoveitchia storckii  
  Nephrosperma vanhoutteanum  
  Normanbya normanbyi Black Palm
  Nypa fruticans Nypa Palm, Mangrove Palm
  Oenocarpus bacaba Bacaba Palm
  Oenocarpus bataua Batauá Palm
  Oenocarpus distichus  
  Oenocarpus mapora  
  Oenocarpus minor Milpesillo Palm
  Oncosperma horridum Mountain Nibung Palm
  Oncosperma tigillarium  
  Orania longisquama Sindro Palm
  Orania ravaka  
  Orania sylvicola  
  Orania trispatha  
  Oraniopsis appendiculata Bronze Palm
  Parajubaea cocoides Mountain Coconut, Cocumbe Palm
  Parajubaea sunkha Zunca Palm
  Parajubaea torallyi var. microcarpa Bolivian Mountain Coconut
  Parajubaea torallyi var. torallyi Pasopaya Palm
  Pelagodoxa henryana  
  Pelagodoxa henryana (Fiji Type)  
  Phoenicophorium borsigianum  
  Phoenix acaulis Dwarf Date Palm
  Phoenix canariensis Canary Island Date Palm
  Phoenix dactylifera Date Palm
  Phoenix iberica  
  Phoenix loureiroi var. humilis Mountain Date Palm
  Phoenix loureiroi var. loureiroi  
  Phoenix loureiroi var. humilis (Kashmir) Kashmir Mountain Date Palm
  Phoenix loureiroi var. humilis (Khyber)  
  Phoenix loureiroi var. pedunculata Mountain Date Palm
  Phoenix paludosa Mangrove Date Palm
  Phoenix pusilla Ceylon Date Palm
  Phoenix reclinata Senegal Date Palm
  Phoenix reclinata (Hybrid) Date Palm
  Phoenix roebelenii Pygmy Date Palm
  Phoenix roebelenii (Mekong) Wild Pygmy Date Palm
  Phoenix roebelenii (Variegated) Variegated Pygmy Date Palm
  Phoenix rupicola Cliff Date Palm
  Phoenix sylvestris Silver Date Palm
  Phoenix sylvestris (Robusta) Robust Silver Date Palm
  Phoenix sylvestris (Round Seed)  
  Phoenix theophrastii Cretan Date Palm
  Pholidocarpus kingianus  
  Pholidocarpus macrocarpus  
  Pholidocarpus majadum Kepang Palm
  Pholidostachys dactyloides Carmaná Palm
  Pholidostachys kalbreyeri  
  Pholidostachys pulchra  
  Physokentia dennisii  
  Physokentia insolita  
  Physokentia petiolata Tagadanu Palm
  Physokentia tete  
  Phytelephas aequatorialis Tagua Palm
  Phytelephas schottii Ivory Palm
  Phytelephas seemannii Seemann's Ivory Nut Palm
  Phytelephas tenuicaulis Elegant Ivory Nut Palm
  Phytelephas tumacana Ivory Nut Palm
  Pigafetta elata Black Wanga Palm
  Pigafetta filaris White Wanga Palm
  Pinanga adangensis  
  Pinanga aristata  
  Pinanga auriculata  
  Pinanga auriculata var. leucocarpa  
  Pinanga batanensis Batan Palm
  Pinanga caesia  
  Pinanga capitata var. capitata Bumburing Palm
  Pinanga cleistantha  
  Pinanga copelandii  
  Pinanga coronata Ivory Cane Palm
  Pinanga crassipes  
  Pinanga densiflora  
  Pinanga dicksonii  
  Pinanga disticha  
  Pinanga fruticans  
  Pinanga glaucescens  
  Pinanga glaucifolia  
  Pinanga gracilis Coulombe Palm
  Pinanga insignis  
  Pinanga javana Emerald Palm
  Pinanga limosa  
  Pinanga malaiana  
  Pinanga mooreana  
  Pinanga negrosensis  
  Pinanga perakensis  
  Pinanga philippinensis (= P. elmeri) Elmer's Palm
  Pinanga polymorpha  
  Pinanga punicea var. papuana  
  Pinanga ridleyana  
  Pinanga riparia  
  Pinanga rumphiana  
  Pinanga salicifolia Willow-leaf Palm
  Pinanga sclerophylla  
  Pinanga scortechinii  
  Pinanga scortechinii var. shamsiah  
  Pinanga sessilifolia  
  Pinanga simplicifrons  
  Pinanga sp. (Blue Fruit)  
  Pinanga speciosa  
  Pinanga subintegra  
  Pinanga sylvestris Chocolate Cane Palm
  Pinanga tomentella  
  Pinanga urdanetensis  
  Pinanga veitchii  
  Plectocomia elongata Giant Rattan Palm
  Plectocomia himalayana Himalaya Rattan Palm
  Allagoptera caudescens Buri Palm
  Ponapea hosinoi Kattai Palm
  Ponapea ledermanniana (= Ptychosperma ledermanniana)  
  Prestoea acuminata Red Crownshaft Palm
  Prestoea acuminata var. montana Mountain Cabbage Palm
  Prestoea carderi Palmita
  Prestoea decurrens  
  Prestoea ensiformis  
  Prestoea ensiformis (Entire Leaf)  
  Prestoea longipetiolata  
  Prestoea schultzeana Marsh Palm
  Pritchardia beccariana  
  Pritchardia forbesiana  
  Pritchardia glabrata  
  Pritchardia hardyi  
  Pritchardia hillebrandii  
  Pritchardia hillebrandii (Huelo Blue) Huelo Isle Blue Palm
  Pritchardia kalaae  
  Pritchardia lowreyana  
  Pritchardia maideniana (= P. affinis)  
  Pritchardia martii  
  Pritchardia minor  
  Pritchardia munroi  
  Pritchardia napaliensis  
  Pritchardia pacifica Fiji Fan Palm
  Pritchardia remota  
  Pritchardia schattaueri  
  Pritchardia thurstonii Lau Fan Palm
  Pritchardia waialealeana  
  Pritchardia woodfordiana Nggela Fan Palm
  Pseudophoenix ekmanii Dominican Cherry Palm
  Pseudophoenix lediniana Palmiste Marron
  Pseudophoenix sargentii Buccaneer Palm, Cherry Palm
  Pseudophoenix vinifera Buccaneer Palm
  Ptychococcus lepidotus Bow Palm
  Ptychococcus paradoxus  
  Ptychosperma ambiguum  
  Ptychosperma bleeseri Bleeser's Palm
  Ptychosperma burretianum  
  Ptychosperma caryotoides  
  Ptychosperma cuneatum  
  Ptychosperma elegans Solitaire Palm
  Ptychosperma furcatum  
  Ptychosperma lauterbachii  
  Ptychosperma lineare  
  Ptychosperma macarthurii MacArthur Palm
  Ptychosperma microcarpum  
  Ptychosperma nicolai  
  Ptychosperma propinquum Aru Palm
  Ptychosperma pullenii  
  Ptychosperma salomonense  
  Ptychosperma sanderianum  
  Ptychosperma schefferi  
  Ptychosperma sp. (Wotoboho)  
  Ptychosperma sp. (Black Seed)  
  Ptychosperma sp. (PNG solitary)  
  Ptychosperma vestitum  
  Ptychosperma waitianum  
  Raphia australis Kosi Palm
  Raphia farinifera Raffia Palm
  Raphia hookeri West African Wine Palm
  Raphia ruwenzorica Highland Raffia Palm
  Raphia sudanica Dwarf Raphia Palm
  Raphia taedigera Yolillo Palm
  Ravenea albicans White Majesty Palm
  Ravenea dransfieldii  
  Ravenea glauca Sihara Palm
  Ravenea hildebrandtii Dwarf Majesty Palm
  Ravenea julietiae Juliets Palm
  Ravenea krociana Kroc's Palm
  Ravenea lakatra Ironwood Palm
  Ravenea madagascariensis  
  Ravenea musicalis Torendriky Palm
  Ravenea rivularis Majesty Palm
  Ravenea robustior Monimony Palm
  Ravenea sambiranensis Soindro Palm
  Ravenea sp. (Cycadifolia)  
  Ravenea sp. (New)  
  Ravenea sp. Anjouan Anjouan Dwarf Majesty Palm
  Ravenea xerophila Anivona Palm
  Reinhardtia gracilis Window Pane Palm
  Reinhardtia gracilis var. rostrata Window Pane Palm
  Reinhardtia latisecta Giant Window Pane Palm
  Reinhardtia paiewonskiana Giant Window Pane Palm
  Reinhardtia simplex Dwarf Window Pane Palm
  Rhapidophyllum hystrix Needle Palm
  Rhapis excelsa Lady Palm
  Rhapis excelsa (Taiwan)  
  Rhapis gracilis Dwarf Lady Palm
  Rhapis humilis Slender Lady Palm
  Rhapis laosensis Laos Lady Palm
  Rhapis multifida Finger Palm
  Rhapis robusta Guangxi Lady Palm
  Rhapis siamensis  
  Rhapis subtilis Thai Lady Palm
  Rhopaloblaste augusta Nicobar Majestic Palm
  Rhopaloblaste ceramica Majestic Palm
  Rhopaloblaste elegans Elegant Palm
  Rhopaloblaste singaporensis Kerinting Palm
  Rhopaloblaste sp. (Tenaru) Tenaru Palm
  Rhopalostylis baueri var. baueri Norfolk Palm
  Rhopalostylis baueri var. cheesemanii Kermadec Palm
  Rhopalostylis baueri x R. sapida  
  Rhopalostylis sapida (Auckland) Nikau Palm
  Rhopalostylis sapida (East Cape) East Cape Nikau
  Rhopalostylis sapida (Great Barrier Island) Nikau Palm
  Rhopalostylis sapida (Little Barrier Island) Little-Barrier-Island-Nikau
  Rhopalostylis sapida (Oceana) Chatham Island Nikau Palm
  Rhopalostylis sapida (South Island) South Island Nikau
  Roscheria melanochaetes  
  Roystonea borinquena Puerto Rican Royal Palm
  Roystonea oleracea Venezuelan Royal Palm
  Roystonea regia Cuban Royal Palm
  Roystonea regia (Florida) Florida Royal Palm
  Roystonea violacea Purple Royal Palm
  Sabal bermudana Bermuda Palmetto
  Sabal causiarum Puerto Rican Hat Palm
  Sabal domingensis Hispaniola Palmetto
  Sabal etonia  
  Sabal maritima Bull Thatch Palm
  Sabal mauritiiformis Bay Palmetto
  Sabal mexicana Texas Palmetto
  Sabal minor Dwarf Palmetto
  Sabal minor (Cape Hatteras)  
  Sabal minor (McCurtain) Dwarf Palmetto
  Sabal minor (Northern Texas) Texas Dwarf Palmetto
  Sabal minor var. louisiana Louisiana Palmetto
  Sabal palmetto Palmetto Palm
  Sabal pumos Royal Palmetto
  Sabal rosei Llanos Palmetto
  Sabal uresana Sonora Palmetto
  Sabal uresana X mexicana Mexican Palmetto Hybrid
  Sabal x texensis Brazoria Palmetto
  Sabal yapa Bay Palmetto, Thatch palm
  Salacca glabrescens Salak Palm
  Salacca wallichiana  
  Salacca zalacca Salak Palm
  Salacca zalacca (Bali Sweet) Salak Palm
  Salacca zalacca (Bornean Sweet) Salak Palm
  Satakentia liukiuensis  
  Satranala decussilvae Satranabe Palm
  Schippia concolor Silver Pimento Palm
  Serenoa repens Silver Saw Palmetto
  Serenoa repens (Georgia Silver) Silver Saw Palmetto
  Serenoa repens (Silver) Silver Saw Palmetto
  Socratea exorrhiza Curly Stilt Root Palm
  Socratea hecatonandra Crespa Palm
  Socratea rostrata Gualte Stilt Root Palm
  Socratea salazarii  
  Sommieria leucophylla  
  Sommieria leucophylla (Affinis)  
  Sommieria leucophylla (Elegans)  
  Syagrus amara  
  Syagrus botryophora Pati Queen Palm
  Syagrus cardenasii Corocito Palm
  Syagrus cearensis Twin Palm
  Syagrus cerqueirana  
  Syagrus cocoides Jatá Palm
  Syagrus comosa Bitter Palm
  Syagrus coronata Licuri Palm
  Syagrus coronata X S. picrophylla F1  
  Syagrus flexuosa Acumã Palm
  Syagrus glaucescens  
  Syagrus harleyi Fox Palm
  Syagrus inajai Inayay
  Syagrus kellyana Quarter Coconut
  Syagrus loefgrenii  
  Syagrus lorenzoniorum Mirim Quarter Coconut
  Syagrus macrocarpa Maria Rosa Palm
  Syagrus microphylla  
  Syagrus oleracea Catolé Palm
  Syagrus orinocensis  
  Syagrus picrophylla Lent Coconut
  Syagrus pseudococos Piririma Coconut
  Syagrus romanzoffiana Queen Palm
  Syagrus romanzoffiana (Litoralis) Robust Queen Palm, Silver Queen Palm
  Syagrus rupicola  
  Syagrus ruschiana Rock Coconut
  Syagrus sancona  
  Syagrus schizophylla Arikury Palm
  Syagrus stenopetala  
  Syagrus vagans  
  Syagrus vermicularis  
  Syagrus X matafome  
  Syagrus x teixeiriana Guarivá Palm
  Syagrus yungasensis  
  Synechanthus fibrosus Monkey Tail Palm
  Synechanthus warscewiczianus  
  Tahina spectabilis Blessed Palm
  Thrinax excelsa Jamaican Thatch Palm
  Thrinax parviflora Mountain Thatch Palm
  Thrinax radiata Florida Thatch Palm
  Trachycarpus fortunei Chusan Palm
  Trachycarpus fortunei (Naini Tal) Chusan Palm
  Trachycarpus geminisectus Eight Peaks Fan Palm
  Trachycarpus latisectus Windamere Palm
  Trachycarpus latisectus (Sikkim) Windamere Palm
  Trachycarpus martianus (Khasia Hills Form) Khasia Hills Fan Palm
  Trachycarpus martianus (Nepal Form) Martius' Himalayan Fan Palm
  Trachycarpus martianus (Patkai Hills Form)  
  Trachycarpus nanus Dragonhead Palm
  Trachycarpus oreophilus Thai Mountain Fan Palm
  Trachycarpus princeps Stone Gate Palm
  Trachycarpus oreophilus (Naga Hills / Manipur) Saramati Palm
  Trachycarpus takil Kumaon Palm
  Trachycarpus wagnerianus Waggie, Miniature Chusan Palm
  Trithrinax brasiliensis Brazilian Needle Palm
  Trithrinax campestris Blue Needle Palm
  Trithrinax schizophylla Mosquito Palm
  Veillonia alba  
  Veitchia arecina (= V. montgomeryana) Montgomery Palm
  Veitchia filifera Yanawei Palm
  Veitchia joannis  
  Veitchia metiti  
  Veitchia simulans Niusawa Palm
  Veitchia spiralis Kajewskia Palm
  Veitchia vitiensis  
  Veitchia winin  
  Verschaffeltia splendida Seychelles Stilt Palm
  Voanioala gerardii Forest Coconut
  Wallichia caryotoides  
  Wallichia densiflora Wallich's Dwarf Fishtail Palm
  Wallichia disticha Distichous Fishtail Palm
  Wallichia mariannae  
  Wallichia siamensis Thai Dwarf Fishtail Palm
  Washingtonia filifera Washington Palm
  Washingtonia robusta Skyduster, Mexican Cotton Palm
  Washingtonia robusta (Sonora) Skyduster, Mexican Cotton Palm
  Welfia regia Amargo Palm
  Wettinia aequalis  
  Wettinia hirsuta  
  Wettinia kalbreyeri Macana Palm
  Wettinia maynensis  
  Wettinia oxycarpa Gualte Palm
  Wettinia panamensis  
  Wettinia praemorsa  
  Wettinia quinaria  
  Wodyetia bifurcata Foxtail Palm
  Wodyetia x Veitchia (Hybrid)  
  Zombia antillarum Zombi Palm
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  bananas, ginger & relatives
  Botanical name Common name
  Aframomum sp. (Uganda) Seed of Heaven
  Alpinia aquatica  
  Alpinia arctiflora  
  Alpinia boia  
  Alpinia caerulea Australian Ginger
  Alpinia caerulea Australian Ginger
  Alpinia nidus-vespae Vanuatu Ginger
  Alpinia nieuwenhuizii Terabak
  Alpinia nigra  
  Alpinia nutans False Dwarf Cardamom
  Alpinia purpurata Red Ginger
  Alpinia sp. (Borneo)  
  Alpinia zerumbet Shell Ginger
  Amomum anomalum  
  Amomum dimorphum  
  Amomum maximum (= A. dealbatum) Java Cardamom
  Amomum subulatum Black Cardamom, Nepal Cardamom
  Calathea crotalifera Yellow Rattleshaker, Rattlesnake Plant
  Calathea guzmanioides  
  Calathea inocephala  
  Calathea lutea  
  Calathea pachystachya  
  Calathea sp. (Purple Spike)  
  Calathea sp. (Yellow Spike)  
  Canna flaccida Golden Canna
  Canna indica Canna Lily
  Canna jaegeriana  
  Canna salmon Blushing Bride Canna Lily
  Cautleya gracilis var. gracilis (= Cautleya lutea) Hardy Ginger
  Cautleya gracilis var. robusta Hardy Ginger
  Cautleya spicata Chinese Butterfly Ginger
  Cheilocostus speciosus (= Costus speciosus) Crape Ginger
  Costus barbatus Spiral Ginger
  Costus dubius  
  Costus erythrocoryne  
  Costus guanaiensis  
  Costus lima  
  Costus montanus  
  Costus scaber  
  Costus woodsonii Red Button Ginger, Dwarf French Kiss Ginger
  Dimerocostus strobilaceus Saguiro Ginger
  Donax canniformis  
  Ensete glaucum Snow Banana
  Ensete livingstonianum (= Ensete gilletii)  
  Ensete perrieri Madagascar Banana
  Ensete sp. (Kluay Pa/Thailand) Kluay Pa Banana
  Ensete superbum  
  Ensete ventricosum Abyssinian Banana
  Ensete ventricosum (Uganda) Abyssinian Banana
  Etlingera burttii Tubu Ligan
  Etlingera coccinea Baku Tubu
  Etlingera elatior Red Torch Ginger
  Etlingera pubescens Tubu Apo
  Etlingera venusta Malay Rose
  Globba clarkei  
  Globba schomburgkii Dancing Girl Ginger
  Hedychium coccineum Red Ginger
  Hedychium coronarium var. coronarium White Butterfly Ginger
  Hedychium coronarium var. flavescens Yellow Butterfly Ginger
  Hedychium coronarium var. flavum Creamy Butterfly Ginger
  Hedychium densiflorum Hardy Ginger Lily
  Hedychium ellipticum  
  Hedychium gardnerianum Kahili Ginger
  Hedychium gracile Tiny White Ginger
  Hedychium spicatum Spiked Ginger
  Hedychium thyrsiforme Pincushion Ginger
  Heliconia aemygdiana  
  Heliconia aemygdiana subsp. transandina  
  Heliconia angusta (Yellow Christmas)  
  Heliconia aurantiaca  
  Heliconia bella  
  Heliconia bihai (Balisier)  
  Heliconia bihai (Lobster Claw Two)  
  Heliconia bihai (Yellow Dancer)  
  Heliconia bourgaeana  
  Heliconia caribaea  
  Heliconia champneiana  
  Heliconia chartacea (Sexy Pink)  
  Heliconia chartacea (Sexy Scarlet)  
  Heliconia chartacea X H. platystachys (Temptress)  
  Heliconia collinsiana  
  Heliconia curtispatha (= H. longa)  
  Heliconia densiflora (Fire Flash)  
  Heliconia dielsiana  
  Heliconia imbricata  
  Heliconia indica var. dennisiana  
  Heliconia irrasa  
  Heliconia lanata  
  Heliconia latispatha  
  Heliconia latispatha (Distans)  
  Heliconia latispatha (Chiriquí)  
  Heliconia latispatha (Orange Gyro)  
  Heliconia librata  
  Heliconia lingulata (Fan)  
  Heliconia lingulata (Spiral Fan)  
  Heliconia mariae  
  Heliconia monteverdensis  
  Heliconia nigripraefixa  
  Heliconia platystachys (Sexy Orange)  
  Heliconia pogonantha var. holerythra  
  Heliconia pseudoaemygdiana  
  Heliconia psittacorum (Andromeda)  
  Heliconia psittacorum (Kathy)  
  Heliconia psittacorum (Sherbert)  
  Heliconia ramonensis  
  Heliconia reticulata  
  Heliconia rodriguezii  
  Heliconia rostrata Lobster Claw
  Heliconia salomonensis  
  Heliconia schiedeana Hardy Lobster Claw
  Heliconia secunda  
  Heliconia thomasiana  
  Heliconia vellerigera  
  Heliconia velloziana (Red)  
  Heliconia velloziana (Red Gold)  
  Heliconia wagneriana  
  Helmholtzia glaberrima Stream Lily
  Hornstedtia havilandii  
  Hornstedtia reticulata Senggang
  Hornstedtia scottiana  
  Hornstedtia tomentosa  
  Musa acuminata (Borneo)  
  Musa acuminata ssp. microcarpa Monkey Fingers Banana
  Musa acuminata subsp. acuminata  
  Musa acuminata var. sumatrana Christmas Banana
  Musa balbisiana  
  Musa bauensis Bau Banana
  Musa beccarii  
  Musa beccarii var. hottana  
  Musa borneensis var. borneensis Kera Banana
  Musa borneensis var. flavida Angkadan Banana
  Musa campestris var. campestris Swamp Banana
  Musa campestris var. lawasensis Lawas Swamp Banana
  Musa campestris var. limbangensis (Dark) Limbang Swamp Banana
  Musa campestris var. limbangensis (Light) Limbang Swamp Banana
  Musa campestris var. miriensis Miri Swamp Banana
  Musa campestris var. sarawakensis Kuching Swamp Banana
  Musa cheesmani Cheesman's Banana
  Musa coccinea Red Dwarf Banana
  Musa hirta Bornean Hairy Banana
  Musa itinerans (Burmese Blue) Blue Burmese Banana
  Musa itinerans (Gigantea) Giant Yunnan Banana
  Musa itinerans var. formosana  
  Musa laterita Indian Dwarf Banana
  Musa mannii Indian Dwarf Banana
  Musa monticola Kinabalu Mountain Banana
  Musa muluensis Mulu Banana
  Musa ornata (orange flower)  
  Musa ornata (pink flower)  
  Musa ornata (purple flower)  
  Musa peekelii Peekel's Banana
  Musa rubra Red Dwarf Banana
  Musa sakaiana Sakai's Banana
  Musa schizocarpa Self Splitting Banana
  Musa siamensis (Thai Gold) Thai Gold Banana
  Musa sikkimensis Darjeeling Banana
  Musa sikkimensis (Red Tiger) Red Tiger Banana
  Musa sp. (Darjeeling Giant)  
  Musa sp. (Helen's Hybrid) Helen's Banana
  Musa sp. (Royal Purple) Royal Purple Banana
  Musa textilis (Borneo) Manila Hemp
  Musa textilis (Ebony) Black Manila Hemp
  Musa thomsonii Thomson's Banana
  Musa velutina Pink Dwarf Banana
  Musa voonii Voon’s Banana
  Musa yunnanensis Yunnan Banana
  Musella lasiocarpa Chinese Dwarf Banana
  Phenakospermum guyannense South American Travellers Palm
  Phrynium pubinerve (= Phrynium capitatum)  
  Plagiostachys crocydocalyx Banjang
  Plagiostachys subaequalis Munong
  Pleiostachya pruinosa  
  Ravenala madagascariensis Madagascan Travellers Palm
  Ravenala sp. (Ambanja) Orange Travellers Palm
  Ravenala sp. (Honkondambo) Red Travellers Palm
  Renealmia alpinia  
  Renealmia aromatica  
  Renealmia cernua  
  Renealmia oligosperma  
  Renealmia thyrsoidea  
  Strelitzia alba  
  Strelitzia caudata African Desert Banana, Swaziland, Transvaal or Mountain Strelitzia
  Strelitzia juncea Leafless Bird of Paradise
  Strelitzia nicolai White Bird of Paradise
  Strelitzia reginae Orange Bird of Paradise
  Strelitzia reginae (Mandelas Gold) Mandelas Bird of Paradise
  Tapeinochilos sp. (Fawi)  
  Zingiber acuminatum var. borneense  
  Zingiber chrysanthum  
  Zingiber clarkeii Clarks Ginger
  Zingiber longipedunculatum Ligun, Tubu Abang
  Zingiber rubens Bengal Ginger
  Zingiber spectabile Beehive Ginger
Palms   Gunneras   Cycads
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Magnoliids   Conifers
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Rosids   Tree Ferns
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Asterids   Fruit Trees
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Other Eudicots    
Aroids   Cacti    
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  bromeliads, grasses & bamboos
  Botanical name Common name
  Aechmea bracteata  
  Aechmea pyramidalis  
  Alcantarea imperialis (Rubra) (= Vriesea imperialis) Imperial Bromeliad
  Amischotolype sp. (Purple Ball)  
  Anemanthele lessoniana Gossamer Grass
  Apodasmia similis Jointed Wire Rush, Oioi
  Baloskion australe Mountain Cordrush
  Baloskion tetraphyllum  
  Bambusa bambos  
  Bambusa balcooa Bhaluka Bamboo
  Bambusa nutans Nodding Bamboo
  Bambusa tulda Jati Bamboo
  Borinda fungosa (= Fargesia fungosa) Chocolate Bamboo
  Borinda yunnanensis (= Fargesia yunnanensis)  
  Carex flagellifera (Red) Glen Murray Tussock
  Carex pansa Dune Sedge
  Carex pumila Dwarf Sedge
  Carex secta  
  Carex trifida  
  Cenchrus ciliaris Buffel Grass, African Foxtail Grass
  Chimonobambusa tumidissinoda Tumid Node Bamboo
  Chionochloa conspicua Hunangamoho, Snow Grass
  Chionochloa rubra Red Tussock
  Chondropetalum tectorum Small Cape Rush
  Cortaderia fulvida Toetoe
  Cortaderia richardii South Island Toetoe
  Cortaderia selloana (Pink)  
  Cortaderia selloana (White) Pampas Grass
  Cortaderia toetoe Toetoe
  Cyanotis somaliensis  
  Cymbopogon winterianus Citronella Grass
  Cyperus papyrus Papyrus
  Dendrocalamus asper  
  Dendrocalamus barbatus  
  Dendrocalamus calostachyus  
  Dendrocalamus giganteus Giant Bamboo
  Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Pecha Bamboo
  Dendrocalamus latiflorus Taiwanese Giant Bamboo
  Dendrocalamus membranaceus  
  Dendrocalamus peculiaris  
  Dendrocalamus strictus Male Bamboo
  Dendrocalamus tibeticus  
  Dendrocalamus yunnanicus  
  Deuterocohnia chrysantha  
  Deuterocohnia longipetala  
  Dichelachne crinita Longhair Plume Grass
  Dyckia brevifolia  
  Dyckia fosteriana  
  Dyckia frigida  
  Elegia capensis Fountain Rush
  Elegia equisetacea  
  Festuca coxii Blue Grass
  Ficinia nodosa Knotted Clubrush
  Flagellaria neocaledonica  
  Gahnia baniensis  
  Gahnia filum Chaffy Saw-Sedge
  Gahnia grandis Cutting Grass
  Gahnia novocaledonensis New Caledonian Sawsedge
  Gahnia trifida Coastal Saw-Sedge
  Gahnia xanthocarpa Kauri Grass, Tupari Maunga
  Gigantochloa apus Tabashir Bamboo
  Gigantochloa macrostachya  
  Gymnoschoenus sphaerocephalus Buttongrass
  Hanguana major  
  Hanguana malayana  
  Hechtia argentea  
  Hechtia rosea False Agave, Red Leaved Hechtia
  Hechtia texensis  
  Joinvillea ascendens  
  Joinvillea borneensis  
  Joinvillea plicata  
  Machaerina deplanchei (= Baumea deplanchei)  
  Mapania floribunda  
  Mapania vitiensis  
  Ochagavia carnea  
  Ochagavia elegans  
  Phyllostachys edulis (= P. pubescens) Moso Bamboo
  Pitcairnia angustifolia Cliff Pineapple
  Pitcairnia bifrons  
  Pitcairnia grafii  
  Pitcairnia piepenbringii  
  Pitcairnia squarrosa var. colorata  
  Pitcairnia trianae  
  Pollia condensata  
  Pollia sp. (Blue Pearl)  
  Pollia thyrsiflora  
  Puya assurgens  
  Puya berteroana  
  Puya castellanosii  
  Puya chilensis Chagual
  Puya clava-herculis Hercules' Club Puya
  Puya coerulea var. violacea  
  Puya dyckioides  
  Puya ferruginea  
  Puya gilmartiniae  
  Puya harmsii  
  Puya herzogii  
  Puya mirabilis  
  Puya raimondii Giant Bromeliad
  Puya sp. (Huachjilla)  
  Puya sp. (Inca Trail)  
  Puya venusta Chagualillo
  Puya yakespala  
  Rhodocoma capensis  
  Schizostachyum funghomii  
  Scirpodendron ghaeri  
  Setaria palmifolia Palm Grass
  Stipa nodosa (= Austrostipa n.) Needle Grass, Knotty Spear Grass
  Thamnochortus cinereus Silver Reed
  Thamnochortus spicigerus  
  Themeda triandra Kangaroo Grass
  Thysanolaena latifolia (= T. maxima) Tiger Grass
  Tillandsia complanata  
  Tillandsia ionantha Blushing Bride
  Uncinia egmontiana Bastard Grass, Hook Sedge
  Uncinia rubra Red Bastard Grass
  Uncinia uncinata (Red) Red Hook Sedge
  Vriesea sanguinolenta (= Werauhia s.)  
  Xiphidium caeruleum Dove Tail, Palmita
Palms   Gunneras   Cycads
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Magnoliids   Conifers
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Rosids   Tree Ferns
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Asterids   Fruit Trees
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Other Eudicots    
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  screw pines & cyclanths
  Botanical name Common name
  Asplundia sp. (Escudo)  
  Asplundia sp. (Santa Fe)  
  Carludovica palmata Panama Hat Palm
  Carludovica rotundifolia  
  Cyclanthus bipartitus  
  Freycinetia sp. (Bali Climber)  
  Freycinetia sp. (Cyclops)  
  Freycinetia sp. (Litchi-like)  
  Freycinetia sp. (Long Fruit)  
  Freycinetia sp. (Red Globe)  
  Pandanus affinis  
  Pandanus balansae  
  Pandanus baptistii  
  Pandanus bernardii  
  Pandanus conicus Iron Range Screw Pine
  Pandanus conoideus Red Fruit Screw Pine
  Pandanus cookii  
  Pandanus dubius  
  Pandanus furcatus Himalaya Screw Pine
  Pandanus gemmiferus  
  Pandanus lacuum  
  Pandanus mc-keei  
  Pandanus monotheca  
  Pandanus monticola  
  Pandanus multispicatus  
  Pandanus oblatus  
  Pandanus odorifer  
  Pandanus pancheri  
  Pandanus pulcher  
  Pandanus serpentiticus  
  Pandanus solms-laubachii  
  Pandanus sp. (Circle Head)  
  Pandanus sp. (Giant Key)  
  Pandanus sp. (Green Pincushion)  
  Pandanus sp. (Pineapple)  
  Pandanus sp. (Saraburi) Saraburi Screw Pine
  Pandanus sp. (Small Fruit) = P. decumbens???  
  Pandanus sp. (Thai Dwarf)  
  Pandanus spiralis  
  Pandanus tectorius Hala Screwpine
  Pandanus tectorius var. sanderi Variegated Screw Pine
  Pandanus unicornutus Phuket Screw Pine
  Pandanus utilis Madagascar Screw Pine
  Pandanus veillonii  
  Pandanus viscidus  
  Pandanus whitmeeanus  
  Thoracocarpus bissectus  
  Xerophyta dasylirioides  
Palms   Gunneras   Cycads
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Magnoliids   Conifers
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Rosids   Tree Ferns
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Asterids   Fruit Trees
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Other Eudicots    
Aroids   Cacti    
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  agaves, yuccas & relatives
  Botanical name Common name
  Agapanthus inapertus Drakensberg Agapanthus
  Agapanthus praecox (Alba) White Lily of the Nile
  Agapanthus praecox (Blue) Blue Lily of the Nile
  Agapanthus praecox (Dwarf Blue) Dwarf Blue Lily of the Nile
  Agapanthus praecox (Large Blue) Large Blue Lily of the Nile
  Agave aktites  
  Agave americana (Super Blue)  
  Agave americana ssp. americana Century Plant
  Agave americana ssp. protoamericana Century Plant
  Agave americana ssp. protoamericana X scabra  
  Agave antillarum var. antillarum  
  Agave applanata Maguey de Ixtle
  Agave asperrima ssp. asperrima  
  Agave asperrima ssp. maderensis  
  Agave asperrima ssp. potosiensis  
  Agave asperrima ssp. zarcensis Zarca Agave
  Agave atrovirens var. mirabilis Maguey blanco, Maguey Cenizo
  Agave attenuata Fox Tail Agave
  Agave aurea  
  Agave avellanidens  
  Agave bovicornuta  
  Agave bracteosa  
  Agave brevispina  
  Agave bulliana (= Prochnyanthes mexicana)  
  Agave cerulata ssp. cerulata  
  Agave cerulata ssp. nelsonii  
  Agave chiapensis  
  Agave chrysantha Golden-Flowered Agave
  Agave chrysoglossa Amole
  Agave colimana  
  Agave colorata  
  Agave congesta  
  Agave cupreata  
  Agave dasylirioides  
  Agave datylio var. datylio Datilillo
  Agave deserti var. deserti  
  Agave deserti var. pringlei  
  Agave deserti var. simplex  
  Agave desmetiana  
  Agave difformis  
  Agave durangensis  
  Agave ellemeetiana  
  Agave felgeri Mescalito
  Agave filifera Maguey
  Agave filifera ssp. microceps  
  Agave filifera ssp. schidigera (White Stripe)  
  Agave flexiflora Tautilla
  Agave flexispina  
  Agave funkiana  
  Agave garciae-mendozae  
  Agave geminiflora  
  Agave gentryi  
  Agave gentryi (La Escondida)  
  Agave ghiesbreghtii  
  Agave ghiesbreghtii (Purpusorum)  
  Agave gigantensis  
  Agave guadalajarana Maguey Chato
  Agave guiengola  
  Agave gypsophila  
  Agave gypsophila aff. (Blue)  
  Agave havardiana  
  Agave hiemiflora  
  Agave hookeri  
  Agave horrida ssp. horrida  
  Agave horrida ssp. perotensis  
  Agave hurteri  
  Agave impressa  
  Agave impressa (Green Giant)  
  Agave inaequidens ssp. inaequidens Maguey Bruto
  Agave isthmensis  
  Agave karwinskii  
  Agave kerchovei Rabo de León, Cacaya
  Agave lechuguilla Shin Dagger, Lechuguilla
  Agave lophantha  
  Agave macroacantha  
  Agave marmorata Pisomel, Huiscole
  Agave maximiliana  
  Agave mckelveyana  
  Agave mitis var. albidior  
  Agave mitis var. mitis  
  Agave montana Hardy Century Plant
  Agave multifilifera  
  Agave nayaritensis  
  Agave nickelsiae (= A. ferdinandi-regis) King Ferdinand Century Plant
  Agave nizandensis  
  Agave nussaviorum Papalome Agave
  Agave obscura  
  Agave obscura (Xalapa)  
  Agave ocahui  
  Agave ornithobroma Maguey Pajarito
  Agave oroensis  
  Agave ovatifolia Whale's Tongue Century Plant
  Agave pachycentra  
  Agave palmeri Lechuguilla
  Agave parrasana  
  Agave parryi  
  Agave parryi subsp. neomexicana Mescal
  Agave parryi subsp. neomexicana (Sierra Blanca)  
  Agave parryi var. couesii  
  Agave parryi var. huachucensis Huachuca Century Plant
  Agave parryi var. parryi (Giant)  
  Agave parryi var. truncata  
  Agave parvidentata  
  Agave parviflora  
  Agave pedunculifera  
  Agave pelona Mescal Pelón
  Agave pendula  
  Agave petrophila  
  Agave polianthiflora Mescalito
  Agave potatorum  
  Agave potatorum (Verschaffeltii)  
  Agave potrerana Lechuguilla
  Agave rhodacantha  
  Agave rzedowskiana  
  Agave salmiana subsp. salmiana Pulque Agave
  Agave salmiana var. ferox Maguey de Pulque
  Agave schidigera Maguey
  Agave schottii var. schottii Schott's Century Plant, Amolillo
  Agave schottii var. treleasei Trelease agave
  Agave sebastiana  
  Agave seemanniana Seemanns Century Plant
  Agave shawii ssp. goldmaniana  
  Agave shrevei ssp. magna  
  Agave shrevei ssp. shrevei Lechuguilla, Ceniza
  Agave shrevei subsp. matapensis Mezcal Blanco, Lechuguilla
  Agave sobria ssp. roseana  
  Agave sobria ssp. sobria Mezcal pardo, Pardito
  Agave sp. (chazaroi)  
  Agave striata Espadin
  Agave striata ssp. falcata  
  Agave striata ssp. falcata (Blue)  
  Agave stricta Rabo de León
  Agave stricta (Rubra)  
  Agave subsimplex  
  Agave tenuifolia  
  Agave tequilana Mezcal Azul
  Agave titanota  
  Agave toumeyana ssp. bella  
  Agave toumeyana ssp. toumeyana  
  Agave triangularis  
  Agave utahensis  
  Agave utahensis (Nevada)  
  Agave utahensis ssp. kaibabensis  
  Agave utahensis var. eborispina  
  Agave vazquez-garciae  
  Agave victoriae-reginae Queen Victoria Agave
  Agave victoriae-reginae (Compacta) Compact Queen Victoria Century Plant
  Agave victoriae-reginae (Huasteca Canyon) Queen Victoria Agave
  Agave vilmoriniana Octopus Century Plant, Amole
  Agave vivipara  
  Agave vizcainoensis  
  Agave wocomahi Wocomahi
  Agave X gracilipes  
  Agave xylonacantha  
  Agave xylonacantha (Blue)  
  Agave zebra  
  Aloe abyssicola  
  Aloe aculeata Ngopanie Aloe
  Aloe acutissima subsp. itampolensis Itampolo Aloe
  Aloe affinis  
  Aloe africana  
  Aloe albovestita  
  Aloe alexandrei Comoro Aloe
  Aloe alooides  
  Aloe arborescens Krantz Aloe
  Aloe arborescens (Yellow Flower)  
  Aloe ballyi Rat Aloe
  Aloe betsileensis  
  Aloe bosseri  
  Aloe boylei Grass Aloe
  Aloe branddraaiensis  
  Aloe broomii Mountain Aloe, Snake Aloe
  Aloe buhrii  
  Aloe cameronii Red Aloe
  Aloe camperi (= A. eru) Nubian Aloe
  Aloe canarina  
  Aloe capitata  
  Aloe capitata var. angavoana  
  Aloe castanea Cat's Tail Aloe
  Aloe chabaudii  
  Aloe cheranganiensis  
  Aloe ciliaris  
  Aloe cipolinicola  
  Aloe classenii  
  Aloe claviflora Kraal Aloe
  Aloe conifera  
  Aloe cooperi  
  Aloe cryptopoda  
  Aloe dawei  
  Aloe decurva  
  Aloe deltoideodonta var. fallax  
  Aloe deltoideodonta var. intermedia  
  Aloe deltoideodonta var. ruffingiana  
  Aloe dewetii  
  Aloe dewetii (Robusta)  
  Aloe dhufarensis Dhofar Aloe
  Aloe dichotoma Quiver Tree
  Aloe ecklonis  
  Aloe elegans  
  Aloe ericetorum  
  Aloe erythrophylla  
  Aloe ferox Bitter Aloe, Red Aloe
  Aloe ferox (Transkei)  
  Aloe ferox (White Flower)  
  Aloe fleuretteana  
  Aloe gariepensis Gariep River Aloe
  Aloe glauca  
  Aloe globuligemma Button Aloe
  Aloe grandidentata Dwarf Soap Aloe
  Aloe greatheadii var. davyana Davy's Spotted Leaf Aloe
  Aloe greatheadii var. greatheadii Greathead's Spotted Leaf Aloe
  Aloe greenii  
  Aloe hemmingii  
  Aloe hereroensis Sand Aloe
  Aloe hexapetala Limp Horn Aloe
  Aloe hoffmannii Itremo Aloe
  Aloe imalotensis var. imalotensis  
  Aloe imalotensis var. longiracemosa Mahaboboka Aloe
  Aloe krapohliana  
  Aloe labworana Labwor Aloe
  Aloe littoralis Mopane Aloe
  Aloe lolwensis Lake Victoria Aloe
  Aloe macroclada  
  Aloe macrosiphon  
  Aloe maculata (Robusta) Soap Aloe
  Aloe madecassa  
  Aloe mandotoensis  
  Aloe marlothii Mountain Aloe
  Aloe marlothii subsp. orientalis  
  Aloe megalacantha  
  Aloe megalacantha (Yellow Flower)  
  Aloe melanacantha Goree
  Aloe menyharthii Menyharth's Aloe
  Aloe microstigma  
  Aloe mubendiensis Mubende Aloe
  Aloe munchii Large Chimanimani Aloe
  Aloe orientalis  
  Aloe parvibracteata (= A. burgersfortensis)  
  Aloe penduliflora Taita Aloe
  Aloe perrieri  
  Aloe perryi Perry's Aloe
  Aloe polyphylla - EU only Spiral Aloe
  Aloe praetermissa  
  Aloe pseudoparvula  
  Aloe purpurea  
  Aloe rauhii - EU only Rauh's Aloe
  Aloe reitzii Reitz' Aloe
  Aloe reynoldsii Reynold's Aloe
  Aloe rigens Rigid Aloe
  Aloe rupestris  
  Aloe secundiflora var. secundiflora  
  Aloe sinkatana Sinkat Aloe
  Aloe somaliensis Sheikh Aloe
  Aloe spectabilis  
  Aloe splendens  
  Aloe striata Coral Aloe
  Aloe striatula Hardy Aloe
  Aloe suffulta  
  Aloe suprafoliata  
  Aloe tauri Bullocks Bottle Brush
  Aloe tenuior  
  Aloe thraskii Dune Aloe
  Aloe tomentosa Wooly Aloe
  Aloe tulearensis Toliara Aloe
  Aloe umfoloziensis  
  Aloe vanbalenii Cinnamon Aloe
  Aloe vaombe  
  Aloe vaotsohy  
  Aloe variegata Partridge Breast Aloe
  Aloe vogtsii Soutpansberg Aloe
  Aloe werneri  
  Aloe wilsonii Tweedie Aloe
  Androstephium caeruleum Blue Funnel Lily
  Arthropodium cirrhatum Rock Lily
  Arthropodium milleflorum Pale Vanilla Lily
  Arthropodium strictum (= Dichopogon s.) Chocolate Lily
  Asparagus aethiopicus (= A. sprengeri)  
  Asparagus asparagoides (Smilax) Bridal Creeper
  Asparagus densiflorus (Mazeppa) Mazeppa Emerald Fern
  Asparagus densiflorus (Meyersii) Meyers Emerald Fern
  Asparagus falcatus Large Forest Asparagus
  Asparagus macowanii Ming Fern
  Asparagus racemosus Satavar
  Asparagus setaceus (Nanus)  
  Asparagus virgatus African Broom Fern
  Astelia alpina var. alpina Pineapple Grass
  Astelia banksii Coastal Astelia
  Astelia chathamica Chatham Island Astelia, Kakaha
  Astelia fragrans Bush Lily, Kakaha
  Astelia grandis Swamp Astelia
  Astelia neocaledonica  
  Astelia nervosa Mountain Astelia
  Astelia solandri Perching Lily, Kaiwharawhara
  Beaucarnea goldmanii Goldman's Pony Tail
  Beaucarnea gracilis Sotolín
  Beaucarnea guatemalensis Red Ponytail, Guatemala Ponytail
  Beaucarnea hiriartiae  
  Beaucarnea recurvata Pony Tail
  Beaucarnea sanctomariana  
  Beaucarnea stricta Estrellas
  Beschorneria albiflora  
  Beschorneria calcicola  
  Beschorneria tubiflora  
  Beschorneria wrightii  
  Beschorneria yuccoides Mexican Lily
  Bomarea multiflora  
  Bomarea obovata  
  Calibanus hookeri  
  Calochortus luteus Golden Mariposa Lily
  Calochortus raichei Cedar’s Fairy Lantern
  Cardiocrinum giganteum  
  Catasetum expansum (Green)  
  Clivia robusta  
  Cordyline australis Cabbage Palm, Torbay Palm
  Cordyline australis (Purpurea) Purple Cabbage Tree
  Cordyline banksii Forest Cabbage Tree
  Cordyline baueri Norfolk Island Cabbage Tree
  Cordyline cannifolia  
  Cordyline dracaenoides Brazilian Cabbage Tree
  Cordyline indivisa  
  Cordyline manners-suttoniae Swamp Palm Lily
  Cordyline mauritiana  
  Cordyline neocaledonica New Caledonia Palm Lily
  Cordyline obtecta (= C. kaspar) Three Kings Cabbage Tree
  Cordyline petiolaris Broad-leaved Palm Lily
  Cordyline pumilio Dwarf Cabbage Tree
  Cordyline rubra Red Fruited Palm Lily
  Cordyline sp. (Cyclops)  
  Cordyline sp. (Wide Leaf)  
  Cordyline stricta Narrow-leaved Palm Lily
  Cordyline terminalis Ti Plant
  Dasylirion acrotriche Green Sotol
  Dasylirion berlandieri var. berlandieri Zaragosa Blue Twister
  Dasylirion cedrosanum  
  Dasylirion cf. berlandieri (Blue Giant)  
  Dasylirion durangense  
  Dasylirion gentryi Gentry's Sotol
  Dasylirion glaucophyllum Hidalgo Sotol
  Dasylirion leiophyllum Smooth Sotol, Desert Candle
  Dasylirion treleasei  
  Dasylirion lucidum  
  Dasylirion miquihuanensis  
  Dasylirion quadrangulatum Mexican Grass Tree
  Dasylirion sereke  
  Dasylirion texanum Texas Sotol
  Dasylirion wheeleri Desert Spoon, Blue Sotol
  Dianella amoena Matted Flax Lily, Grassland Flax Lily
  Dianella brevicaulis Small Flower Flax Lily
  Dianella javanica Java Flax Lily
  Dianella nigra NZ Blueberry, Turutu
  Dianella revoluta Blueberry Lily
  Dianella tasmanica Tasmanian Flax Lily
  Dietes bicolor African Iris, Fortnight Lily
  Dietes grandiflora Fairy Iris
  Dioscorea meridensis Ecuador Wild Yam
  Diplarrena latifolia Western Flag Iris
  Diplarrena moraea Butterfly Flag Iris
  Doryanthes excelsa Flame Lily, Gymea Lily
  Doryanthes palmeri Giant Spear Lily
  Dracaena aletriformis Large-leaved Dragon Tree
  Dracaena arborea African Dragon Tree
  Dracaena cambodiana Cambodian Dragon Tree
  Dracaena cochinchinensis  
  Dracaena cubensis Moa Dragon Tree
  Dracaena draco Dragon Tree
  Dracaena konaensis Hala Pepe, Hawaiian Dragon Tree
  Dracaena serrulata Arabian Dragon Tree
  Furcraea guatemalensis  
  Furcraea guerrerensis  
  Furcraea longaeva Pescadillo
  Furcraea macdougalii Macdougals Giant Century Plant
  Furcraea quicheensis Mecate
  Furcraea undulata  
  Gasteria croucheri Natal Gasteria
  Hesperaloe engelmannii Engelmann´s Red Yucca
  Hesperaloe funifera Samandoque
  Hesperaloe parviflora Red Yucca
  Hesperaloe parviflora (Yellow Flower)  
  Iris pseudacorus Yellow Flag Iris
  Lapageria rosea Copihue
  Libertia grandiflora New Zealand Iris, Mikoikoi
  Libertia ixioides Mikoikoi, New Zealand Iris
  Libertia peregrinans Mikoikoi, New Zealand Iris
  Libertia pulchella Pretty Grass-Flag
  Lilium formosanum Formosa Lily
  Lilium nepalense  
  Lomandra insularis  
  Lomandra longifolia Basket Grass
  Lomandra longifolia (Blue) Blue Basket Grass
  Manfreda brachystachys  
  Manfreda maculosa Spice Lily
  Nolina bigelovii Desert Nolina
  Nolina durangensis Durango Beargrass Tree
  Nolina hibernica  
  Nolina lindheimeriana Devil's Shoestring, Ribbon Grass
  Nolina longifolia Oaxacan Pony Tail
  Nolina matapensis Tuya
  Nolina microcarpa Bear Grass
  Nolina nelsonii Blue Beargrass Tree
  Nolina palmeri var. palmeri Palmer's Bear Grass
  Nolina parviflora Small Flowered Beargrass Tree
  Ornithogalum candicans Summer Hyacinth
  Phormium cookianum Mountain Flax
  Phormium cookianum (Variegatum) Variegated Mountain Flax
  Phormium tenax New Zealand Flax
  Phormium tenax (Nigrum) Black New Zealand Flax
  Phormium tenax (Puniceum)  
  Phormium tenax (Purpureum) Purple New Zealand Flax
  Phormium tenax (Rubrum) Red New Zealand Flax
  Phormium tenax (Tricolor)  
  Phormium tenax (Variegatum) Variegated New Zealand Flax
  Polygonatum oppositifolium  
  Polygonatum punctatum  
  Sansevieria ehrenbergii Sword Sansevieria
  Smilax mollis  
  Smilax purhampuy (= S. febrifuga)  
  Sobralia klotzscheana Klotzsch' Sobralia
  Xanthorrhoea australis Southern Blackboy, Australian Grass Tree
  Xanthorrhoea brunonis Stemless Grass Tree
  Xanthorrhoea caespitosa Tufted Grass Tree, Sand Heath Yacca
  Xanthorrhoea fulva Swamp Grass Tree
  Xanthorrhoea glauca Blue Grass Tree
  Xanthorrhoea gracilis Slender Blackboy, Graceful Grass Tree
  Xanthorrhoea johnsonii Northern Grass Tree, Blackboy
  Xanthorrhoea macronema  
  Xanthorrhoea media Grass Tree
  Xanthorrhoea nana Dwarf Grass Tree
  Xanthorrhoea platyphylla  
  Xanthorrhoea preissii Common Black Boy
  Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata Mount Lofty Grass Tree
  Xanthorrhoea resinosa Swamp Grass Tree
  Xanthorrhoea semiplana Tufted Grass Tree
  Xanthorrhoea semiplana subsp. tateana Tufted Grass Tree
  Xanthorrhoea thorntonii Cundeelee Blackboy
  Xeronema moorei  
  Yucca aloifolia Spanish Dagger
  Yucca angustissima  
  Yucca arizonica  
  Yucca arkansana  
  Yucca baccata Banana Yucca
  Yucca baccata (Anasazi Supersweet) Sweet Datil Yucca
  Yucca baccata var. vespertina Mojave Datil Yucca
  Yucca baileyi Navajo Yucca, Alpine Yucca
  Yucca brevifolia Joshua Tree
  Yucca brevifolia ssp. jaegeriana Jaegers Joshua Tree
  Yucca campestris Plains Yucca
  Yucca carnerosana  
  Yucca cernua Nodding Yucca
  Yucca coahuilensis  
  Yucca constricta  
  Yucca decipiens Palma China
  Yucca elata Soaptree Yucca
  Yucca elephantipes Giant Yucca
  Yucca endlichiana  
  Yucca faxoniana Spanish Dagger
  Yucca filamentosa Adam's Needle
  Yucca filifera  
  Yucca flaccida  
  Yucca glauca Soapweed
  Yucca harrimaniae Harriman Yucca
  Yucca harrimaniae (Nana) Dwarf Yucca
  Yucca jaliscensis  
  Yucca madrensis Soco Yucca
  Yucca mixtecana  
  Yucca necopina Glen Rose Yucca
  Yucca neomexicana New Mexico Yucca
  Yucca pallida  
  Yucca peninsularis  
  Yucca periculosa Izote Yucca
  Yucca potosina  
  Yucca queretaroensis  
  Yucca reverchoni San Angelo Yucca
  Yucca rigida  
  Yucca rigida (Dwarf)  
  Yucca rostrata Beaked Yucca
  Yucca rupicola Rock Yucca
  Yucca schidigera Mojave Yucca
  Yucca sp. (Rio Blanco)  
  Yucca thompsoniana Thompson's Yucca
  Yucca torreyi Spanish Dagger
  Yucca treculeana Spanish Dagger
  Yucca whipplei Our Lords Candle
  Yucca whipplei (Caespitosa)  
  Yucca whipplei (Eremica)  
Palms   Gunneras   Cycads
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Magnoliids   Conifers
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Rosids   Tree Ferns
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Asterids   Fruit Trees
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Other Eudicots    
Aroids   Cacti    
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  Botanical name Common name
  Alocasia longiloba  
  Alocasia macrorrhizos (Borneo Giant)  
  Alocasia odora  
  Alocasia scabriuscula  
  Amorphophallus bulbifer  
  Amorphophallus kachinensis  
  Amorphophallus konjac Konjac Voodoo Lily
  Amorphophallus koratensis  
  Amorphophallus lambii  
  Amorphophallus longituberosus  
  Amorphophallus macrorhizus  
  Amorphophallus napalensis Nepal Voodoo Lily
  Amorphophallus opertus  
  Amorphophallus paeoniifolius  
  Amorphophallus scaber  
  Amorphophallus yunnanensis  
  Anthurium balaoanum  
  Anthurium scandens  
  Anthurium sp. (Finca Sanchez)  
  Anthurium sp. (Via Cueva)  
  Anthurium urbanii  
  Arisaema concinnum  
  Arisaema consanguineum  
  Arisaema costatum Tibet Cobra Lily
  Arisaema exappendiculatum  
  Arisaema flavum Yellow Jack in the Pulpit
  Arisaema griffithii Griffith's Cobra Lily
  Arisaema intermedium  
  Arisaema nepenthoides  
  Arisaema speciosum Double-Whip Cobra Lily
  Arisaema thunbergii subsp. urashima Urashima Cobra Lily
  Arisaema tortuosum Whipcord Cobra Lily
  Cyrtosperma merkusii Swamp Taro
  Epipremnum amplissimum  
  Heteropsis ecuadorensis  
  Philodendron adamantinum  
  Philodendron bipinnatifidum  
  Philodendron bipinnatifidum (Compactum)  
  Philodendron colombianum  
  Philodendron cordatum  
  Philodendron crassinervium  
  Philodendron curvilobum  
  Philodendron giganteum Giant Philodendron
  Philodendron hastatum  
  Philodendron ichthyoderma  
  Philodendron ornatum  
  Philodendron saxicola  
  Philodendron sp. (Evansii)  
  Philodendron sp. (Tuxla)  
  Philodendron speciosum  
  Pothos insignis  
  Pothos tener  
  Remusatia hookeriana  
  Remusatia pumila Pygmy Elephant Ear
  Remusatia vivipara Hitchhiker Elephant Ear
  Syngonium podophyllum Arrowhead plant
  Typhonium venosum (= Sauromatum venosum) Voodoo Lily
  Typhonodorum lindleyanum  
Palms   Gunneras   Cycads
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Magnoliids   Conifers
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Rosids   Tree Ferns
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Asterids   Fruit Trees
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Other Eudicots    
Aroids   Cacti    
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  Botanical name Common name
  Gunnera bracteata  
  Gunnera bracteata x G. peltata F2  
  Gunnera cordifolia Tasmanian Mudleaf
  Gunnera magellanica Chilean Dwarf Gunnera
  Gunnera peltata  
Palms   Gunneras   Cycads
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Magnoliids   Conifers
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Rosids   Tree Ferns
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Asterids   Fruit Trees
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Other Eudicots    
Aroids   Cacti    
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  Botanical name Common name
  Annona glabra Pond Apple
  Annona manabiensis  
  Annona reticulata Wild Sweetsop
  Annona squamosa Sugar Apple, Sweetsop
  Aristolochia gigantea Giant Pelican Flower
  Aristolochia littoralis (= A. elegans) Elegant Dutchman's Pipe
  Aristolochia odoratissima Fragrant Dutchman's Pipe
  Artabotrys hexapetalus Ylang-Ylang Vine
  Cananga odorata Ylang-ylang
  Cryptocarya alba Peumo
  Cryptocarya wyliei Red Quince
  Dasymaschalon blumei (= Desmos dasymaschalus) Malayan Annona
  Drimys winteri Canelo
  Gomortega keule Keule
  Magnolia cathcartii (= Alcimandra c.)  
  Magnolia champaca Joy Perfume Tree
  Magnolia doltsopa Sweet Michelia
  Magnolia pterocarpa  
  Monodora myristica Calabash or Orchid Nutmeg
  Peperomia macrostachya  
  Persea lingue Lingue
  Piper aduncum Matico
  Piper amboretum  
  Piper arboreum  
  Piper attenuatum Chabo
  Piper auritum Mexican Pepperleaf, Hoja Santa
  Piper grande  
  Piper guineense Guinea Pepper
  Piper imperiale  
  Piper lineolatifolium  
  Piper marginatum Cake Bush, Marigold Pepper
  Piper obliquum  
  Piper pedicellatum  
  Piper peepuloides Long Pepper
  Piper peltatum Monkey's Hand
  Piper villiramulum  
  Rollinia mucosa (= Annona deliciosa) Biriba, Wild Sweet Sop
  Siparuna eggersii Limoncillo
Palms   Gunneras   Cycads
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Magnoliids   Conifers
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Rosids   Tree Ferns
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Asterids   Fruit Trees
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Other Eudicots    
Aroids   Cacti    
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  Botanical name Common name
  Abelmoschus moschatus Musk Mallow
  Acacia adunca Wallangarra Wattle
  Acacia auriculiformis Earleaf Acacia
  Acacia baileyana Cootamundra Wattle
  Acacia bellula  
  Acacia dealbata Silver Wattle
  Acacia mangium Black Wattle, Mangium Wattle
  Acacia mearnsii Black Wattle
  Acacia nigrescens Knob Thorn Tree
  Acacia tortilis Umbrella Thorn Tree
  Acanthosicyos horridus Nara Melon
  Acanthosicyos naudinianus Gemsbock Melon
  Acer glabrum var. douglasii Rocky Mountain Maple
  Acrocarpus fraxinifolius Shingle Tree, Indian Ash
  Adansonia digitata Baobab
  Adansonia fony (= Adansonia rubrostipa) Fony Baobab
  Adansonia grandidieri Grandidier's Baobab
  Adansonia gregorii Australian Baobab, Gadawon
  Adansonia madagascariensis Madadagascar Baobab
  Adansonia suarezensis Suarez Baobab
  Adansonia za Za Baobab
  Adenanthera pavonina Coral Pea, Saga Seed Tree
  Adenia cladosepala  
  Adenia isaloensis  
  Aegle marmelos Bael, Bengal Quince, Wood Apple
  Ailanthus excelsa Indian Tree of Heaven
  Albizia androyensis  
  Albizia anthelmintica  
  Albizia chinensis (= A. stipulata)  
  Albizia forbesii Broad-Pod False-Thorn
  Albizia guachapele Chime Tree
  Albizia julibrissin Persian Silk Tree
  Albizia lebbeck Lebbek Tree
  Albizia lucidior Potka Siris
  Albizia odoratissima Ceylon Rosewood, Fragrant Black Siris
  Albizia procera White Siris
  Albizia richardiana  
  Albizia saman (= Samanea saman) Rain Tree
  Aleurites moluccana Candlenut
  Allocasuarina duncanii Duncan’s Sheoak
  Allocasuarina littoralis Black Sheoak
  Allocasuarina verticillata Drooping Sheoak
  Allocasuarina zephyrea Western Sheoak
  Alnus acuminata Andean Alder
  Anacardium occidentale Cashew
  Anacardium occidentale (Red Fruit) Red Fruited Cashew
  Antidesma montanum var. montanum Mountain Currant Tree
  Apeiba membranacea  
  Argyrocytisus battandieri (= Cytisus battandieri) Moroccan Broom
  Artocarpus heterophyllus Jackfruit
  Averrhoa carambola Starfruit
  Baccaurea dulcis  
  Baccaurea ramiflora (= B. sapida) Burmese Grape
  Barringtonia acutangula Indian Oak, Freshwater Mangrove
  Barringtonia racemosa Powderpuff Tree
  Bauhinia acuminata Snowy Orchid-tree
  Bauhinia galpinii Pride of De Kaap
  Bauhinia grevei  
  Bauhinia madagascariensis  
  Bauhinia natalensis  
  Bauhinia purpurea Purple Orchid Tree
  Bauhinia racemosa Mountain Ebony
  Bauhinia semla White Orchid Tree
  Bauhinia thonningii Tambarib
  Bauhinia tomentosa Yellow Orchid Tree, Mountain Ebony
  Bauhinia variegata Pink or Variegated Orchid Tree
  Begonia baumannii Killu-killu
  Begonia coccinea  
  Begonia glabra  
  Begonia parviflora Tree Begonia
  Begonia picta  
  Begonia xanthina  
  Bellucia pentamera Coronillo
  Bischofia javanica Bishop Wood
  Bixa orellana Achiote, Annatto
  Blakea subconnata  
  Bombax ceiba (= B. malabaricum) Red Cotton Tree
  Brachychiton acerifolius Illawarra Flame Tree
  Brachychiton bidwillii  
  Brachychiton populneus Kurrajong
  Bridelia micrantha Coastal Golden-leaf
  Brosimum alicastrum Breadnut, Maya Nut
  Brosimum guianense Snakewood, Letterwood
  Broussonetia papyrifera Paper Mulberry
  Bunchosia hookeriana Nechifuca
  Butea monosperma Flame of the Forest, Parrot Tree
  Caesalpinia mexicana Mexican Poinciana
  Caesalpinia pulcherrima Dwarf Poinciana
  Caesalpinia pulcherrima f. flava Yellow Dwarf Poinciana
  Caesalpinia spinosa Tara Tree
  Callistemon citrinus Crimson Bottlebrush
  Callistemon pallidus (= Melaleuca p.) Lemon Bottlebrush
  Callistemon salignus Willow Bottlebrush
  Callistemon sp. (Perth Pink) Pink Bottle Brush Tree
  Callistemon subulatus Dwarf Bottlebrush
  Callistemon viridiflorus Mountain Bottlebrush
  Calophyllum inophyllum Ballnut
  Canarium harveyi (Turtle Shell) Nangai Tree
  Canarium indicum Nangai Nut, Galip Nut, Canarium Nut
  Canarium indicum (Ambae Giant) Nangai Tree
  Canarium indicum (Easy Bite) Nangai Tree
  Canarium indicum (Heart Shaped) Nangai Tree
  Canavalia ensiformis Sword Bean, Jack Bean
  Canavalia rosea Beach Bean
  Canavalia villosa  
  Capparis bonifaziana Barnix Tree
  Carapa guianensis Bastard Mahagony, White Crabwood
  Carica microcarpa subsp. baccata  
  Carica papaya (Ceylon) Papaya
  Carica papaya (Ecuador) Papaya
  Carica papaya (Honeydew) Papaya
  Carica papaya (Mammoth) Papaya
  Carica papaya (Ranchi) Papaya
  Carica papaya (Washington) Papaya
  Carica pubescens (Serena) Mountain Papaya
  Carpotroche platyptera  
  Casearia arborea  
  Cassia abbreviata Scrambled Egg Tree
  Cassia artemisioides (= Senna a.) Silver Cassia
  Cassia bakeriana Pink Shower Tree, Wishing-tree
  Cassia fistula Golden Shower Tree
  Cassia grandis Pink Shower Tree
  Cassia javanica subsp. nodosa Apple Blossom Cassia
  Cassia leptophylla Gold Medallion Tree
  Cassia renigera Burmese Pink Cassia
  Cassia roxburghii (= C. marginata) Ceylon Senna, Red Cassia
  Castilla elastica Panama Rubber Tree
  Casuarina cunninghamiana River She-Oak
  Casuarina equisetifolia Horse Tail She-Oak, Australian Pine
  Cayaponia cruegeri  
  Cayaponia tubulosa  
  Cecropia herthae  
  Cedrela fissilis  
  Cedrela odorata Spanish Cedar
  Ceiba insignis (= Chorisia insignis) White Silk Floss Tree
  Ceiba pentandra Kapok Tree
  Ceiba speciosa (= Chorisia speciosa) Silk Floss Tree
  Celtis africana White Stinkwood
  Centrolobium ochroxylum  
  Centrosema macrocarpum  
  Centrosema pubescens  
  Cerasus campanulata (= Prunus campanulata) Taiwan Cherry
  Cerasus tomentosa (= Prunus t.) Nanking Cherry
  Ceratonia siliqua Carob Tree, St. John's Bread
  Cercis chinensis Chinese Redbud
  Cercis occidentalis Western Redbud
  Chamaecrista absus (= Cassia absus) Tropical Sensitive Pea
  Chukrasia tabularis Burmese Almondwood, Chickrassy
  Cissus elongata  
  Cissus verticillata Princess Vine, Curtain Ivy
  Citrullus lanatus var. citroides Wild Watermelon
  Citrus trifoliata (= Poncirus trifoliata) Chinese Bitter Orange
  Clidemia hirta (= Melastoma h.)  
  Clitoria ternatea Butterfly Pea
  Cochlospermum vitifolium Buttercup Tree
  Cojoba arborea Wild Tamarind
  Colletia spinosa Yaqui
  Colvillea racemosa Colville's Glory Tree
  Combretum erythrophyllum River Bushwillow
  Commiphora guillauminii  
  Corallocarpus grevei  
  Crinodendron patagua Patagua
  Crotalaria incana Velvety Rattlepod, Shake-shake
  Crotalaria retusa Yellow Rattlebox, Devil Bean
  Croton sylvaticus Forest Fever-berry
  Cucumis prophetarum Globe Cucumber
  Cucurbita digitata Fingerleaf Gourd, Bitter Squash
  Cucurbita foetidissima Buffalo Gourd
  Cunonia macrophylla  
  Cunonia montana  
  Cyphostemma cornigera  
  Cyphostemma juttae Tree Grape
  Cyphostemma roseiglandulosum  
  Dalbergia latifolia Bombay Blackwood
  Dalbergia nigra - EU only Bahia Rosewood
  Dalbergia sissoo Indian or Honey Rosewood
  Dalbergia trichocarpa Madagascar Rosewood
  Daphne bholua  
  Delonix decaryi Decary's Poinciana
  Delonix floribunda  
  Delonix pumila Dwarf Poinciana
  Delonix regia Flamboyant, Royal Poinciana
  Desmodium purpusii  
  Desplatsia dewevrei Kukoto
  Dialium indum Velvet Tamarind, Tamarind Plum
  Dialium schlechteri Sherbet Tree
  Dioclea reflexa Sea Bean
  Diplocyclos palmatus Lollipop Vine
  Dodonaea viscosa Sticky Hop Bush
  Dombeya burgessiae (= D. calantha) Pink Wild Pear
  Dovyalis abyssinica Tropical Apricot, Kashun
  Dovyalis caffra Kei Apple
  Elaeocarpus angustifolius Blue Marble Tree
  Elaeocarpus coumbouiensis  
  Elaeocarpus geminiflorus  
  Elaeocarpus lanceifolius Himalayan Olive
  Elaeocarpus serratus (= E. ganitrus) Avil Tree
  Entada gigas Sea Heart
  Entelea arborescens  
  Enterolobium contortisiliquum Pacara Earpod
  Enterolobium timbouva  
  Erythrina arborescens  
  Erythrina caffra  
  Erythrina falcata Brazilian Coral Tree
  Erythrina latissima Broad-leafed Coral Tree
  Erythrina livingstoniana  
  Erythrina lysistemon Common Coral Tree
  Erythrina poeppigiana Mountain Immortelle
  Erythrina rubrinervia Red-veined Coral Tree
  Erythrina smithiana  
  Erythrina variegata (= E. indica) Indian Coral Tree
  Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp. debeuzevillei Jounama Snow Gum
  Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp. niphophila Alpine Snow Gum
  Eugenia stipitata Araza
  Euphorbia cooperi  
  Euphorbia ingens  
  Euphorbia primulifolia  
  Evodia fraxinifolia Khanakpa
  Ficus aff. vieillardiana Touaourou Fig
  Ficus asperifolia  
  Ficus auriculata (= F. roxburghii) Roxburgh Fig
  Ficus austrocaledonica  
  Ficus benghalensis Banyan Tree
  Ficus benjamina Weeping Fig
  Ficus exasperata Sandpaper Fig, Rough Banyan
  Ficus hirta Hairy Fig
  Ficus hurlimannii  
  Ficus infectoria Cuvi White Fig
  Ficus lutea Rock Fig, Giant-leaved Fig
  Ficus obliqua Small-leaved Fig
  Ficus pertusa Sonoran Strangler Fig
  Ficus racemosa Cluster Fig Tree
  Ficus religiosa Sacred Fig
  Ficus sp. (Ouiame Bac)  
  Ficus sp. (Shiny Red)  
  Ficus vallis-choudae  
  Flacourtia indica Governor's Plum
  Fuchsia boliviana  
  Garcinia macrophylla (= Rheedia m.)  
  Garcinia madruno Madruña
  Geissois pruinosa  
  Geoffroea decorticans Chañar, Chilean Green Wood
  Givotia madagascariensis  
  Gliricidia maculata Gliricidia
  Grewia arborea  
  Grewia lasiocarpa Forest Raisin
  Grewia occidentalis Cross-berry, Lavender Starflower
  Grewia pondoensis  
  Guazuma ulmifolia West Indian Elm
  Gymnostoma chamaecyparis Wayu
  Gymnostoma deplancheanum  
  Haloragis masatierrana Robinson Crusoe Seaberry
  Hardenbergia comptoniana Australian Wisteria
  Hardenbergia violacea (Alba) Purple Coral Pea, Lilac Vine
  Hardenbergia violacea (Climbing Form) White Coral Pea
  Hardenbergia violacea (Rosea)  
  Harpephyllum caffrum African Wild Plum
  Hibiscus ferrugineus  
  Hibiscus sabdariffa Roselle, Red Sorrel
  Hovea montana Mountain Hovea
  Indigofera australis Australian Indigo
  Indigofera hirsuta Hairy Indigo
  Indigofera jucunda  
  Jatropha curcas Physic Nut
  Jatropha mahafalensis Madagascar Jatropha
  Jatropha multifida Coral Plant, Guatemala rhubarb
  Juglans neotropica Andean Walnut
  Kennedia nigricans Black Coral Pea
  Kennedia prostrata Running Postman, Scarlet Runner
  Kennedia rubicunda Dusky Coral Pea
  Kiggelaria africana Wild Peach
  Koelreuteria elegans subsp. elegans Chinese Rain Tree, Flamegold
  Koelreuteria elegans subsp. formosana Chinese Rain Tree, Chinese Flame Tree
  Koelreuteria paniculata (= K. apiculata) Goldenrain tree, Pride of India
  Kunzea ambigua Tick Bush
  Kunzea baxteri  
  Kunzea ericoides Kanuka, White Tea Tree
  Lagenaria sphaerica Wild Calabash
  Lagerstroemia floribunda Tropical Crapemyrtle
  Lagerstroemia speciosa Queen Crapemyrtle, Giant Crapemyrtle
  Lagerstroemia thorelii Queen's Flower
  Lagunaria patersonia Norfolk White Oak, Primrose Tree
  Lawsonia inermis (= L. alba) Henna
  Lessertia frutescens (= Sutherlandia f.) Cancer Bush
  Leucaena leucocephala (= L. glabra) White Leadtree
  Leucaena trichodes  
  Luffa cylindrica (= Luffa aegyptiaca) Loofah, Sponge Gourd
  Luma apiculata Arrayan, Chilean Myrtle
  Lupinus arboreus Yellow Bush Lupine
  Maclura tinctoria (= Chlorophora t.) Dyer's Mulberry, Fustic Tree
  Maesopsis eminii Musizii Tree
  Mallotus philippensis Red Kamala
  Malpighia glabra (= M. emarginata) Acerola, Wild Crapemyrtle
  Malvaviscus arboreus (= Hibiscus coccineus) Wax Mallow
  Matisia cordata American Sapote, Chupa-chupa
  Medinilla speciosa  
  Melaleuca ericifolia Swamp Paperbark
  Melaleuca hypericifolia Red-Flowered Paperbark
  Melaleuca pustulata Cranbrook Paperbark
  Melaleuca squamea Swamp Honey Myrtle
  Melaleuca squarrosa Scented Paperbark
  Melastoma malabathricum (= M. denticulatum) Blue Tongue
  Melia azedarach Chinaberry
  Melia composita  
  Melia dubia  
  Melianthus major Giant Honey Flower
  Melothria dulcis Sweet Cucumber
  Melothria pendula Guadeloupe Cucumber
  Mesua ferrea Ceylon Ironwood, Indian Rose Chestnut
  Metrosideros excelsa Pohutukawa, New Zealand Christmas Tree
  Metrosideros oreomyrtus  
  Metrosideros perforata White Climbing Rata
  Metrosideros umbellata Southern Rata
  Miconia nervosa  
  Miconia trinervia  
  Millettia grandis Umzimbeet
  Mimosa pigra Black Mimosa
  Mimosa pudica Sensitive Plant
  Momordica charantia Bitter Melon
  Montrouziera gabriellae  
  Moringa drouhardii Bottle Tree
  Moringa oleifera Drumstick Tree, Horseradish Tree
  Mucuna macrocarpa Rusty-leaf Muunai
  Muntingia calabura Jamaican Cherry, Panama Berry
  Myrciaria glazioviana (Large Fruit) Cabeludinha
  Myrica faya Faya
  Myriocarpa stipitata  
  Myroxylon balsamum Balsam Tree, Tolu Balsam
  Myrtastrum rufopunctatum  
  Neoboutonia macrocalyx Lace Tree
  Nothofagus cunninghamii Myrtle Beech
  Ochroma pyramidale (= O. lagopus) Balsa Tree
  Omphalea diandra Jamaican Cobnut
  Operculicarya decaryi Elephant Tree
  Operculicarya hirsutissima  
  Osbeckia stellata  
  Ostodes paniculata  
  Oxylobium ellipticum Golden Shaggy-Pea
  Padus virginiana (= Prunus v.) Chokecherry
  Pancheria confusa  
  Pancheria hirsuta  
  Parkinsonia aculeata Jellybean Tree
  Parthenocissus semicordata (= P. himalayana) Himalaya Grapevine
  Passiflora alata Winged Passion Flower
  Passiflora auriculata  
  Passiflora caerulea Blue Passion Flower
  Passiflora capsularis Capsule-Fruited Passion Flower
  Passiflora colinvauxii Colinvaux's Passion Flower
  Passiflora coriacea Bat Leaved Passion Flower
  Passiflora edulis f. edulis Passion Fruit
  Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa  
  Passiflora foetida Wild Maracuja
  Passiflora gracilens  
  Passiflora ligularis Sweet Granadilla
  Passiflora mollissima Taxo, Banana Passionfruit
  Passiflora morifolia Woodland Passionflower
  Passiflora palenquensis  
  Passiflora quadrangularis Giant Granadilla
  Paullinia cupana Guaraná
  Pavonia burchellii  
  Pavonia candida (= Hibiscus pedunculatus) Pink Mallow
  Pavonia hastata Spearleaf Swampmallow
  Peltophorum pterocarpum (= Caesalpinia ferruginea) Copperpod, Golden Flamboyant
  Peripterygia marginata  
  Phyllanthus acidus Otaheite Gooseberry
  Phyllanthus emblica Indian Gooseberry, Amla
  Phyllanthus gunnii  
  Phyllanthus juglandifolius Bigleaf Leafflower
  Physocalymma scaberrimum Amazon Rosewood
  Pistacia atlantica Atlas Mastic Tree, Persian Turpentine Tree
  Pithecellobium dulce Blackbead
  Platymiscium pinnatum Cachimbo Tree
  Podandrogyne brevipedunculata  
  Polygala myrtifolia September Bush, Sweet Pea Bush
  Pongamia pinnata (= P. glabra) Indian Beech Tree, Honge Tree
  Pongamiopsis pervilleana  
  Porouma sp.  
  Pouteria torta subsp. tuberculata  
  Prosopis alba (Banana Carob) Banana Carob Tree, White Carob Tree
  Prosopis chilensis (Large Fruited) Chilean Carob Tree
  Prosopis cineraria Sangri
  Prosopis juliflora Mesquite
  Prosopis juliflora var. inermis  
  Prosopis pallida American Carob
  Prosopis tamarugo Tamarugo
  Pseudobombax millei Shaving Brush Tree
  Pseudospondias microcarpa African Grape Tree
  Psidium guajava Common or Apple Guava
  Psiguria triphylla  
  Pterocarpus rohrii Blood Tree
  Pterospermum acerifolium Dinner Plate Tree
  Pterygota alata (= Sterculia alata) Buddha Coconut
  Punica granatum Pomegranate
  Purpureostemon ciliatus  
  Purshia stansburyana Stansbury Cliffrose
  Putranjiva roxburghii Lucky Bean Tree
  Quillaja brasiliensis Soap Tree
  Quillaja saponaria Quillay, Soap Bark Tree
  Retanilla ephedra Frutilla del Campo
  Rhus chirindensis Red Currant Tree
  Rhus glauca Blue Kuni-bush
  Rhus trilobata Skunk Bush Sumac, Indian Lemonade
  Ricinodendron heudelotii Njangsa Tree, African Nut Tree
  Ricinus communis Castor Oil Plant
  Robinia pseudoacacia Black Locust
  Rosa acicularis Prickly Rose
  Rosa woodsii Prairie Rose
  Rubus boliviensis  
  Salvadora angustifolia Narrow-leaved Mustard-tree
  Sannantha virgata (= Baeckea v.)  
  Sapindus saponaria Soapberry
  Sapium laurifolium  
  Saraca indica Sorrowless Tree
  Schinopsis marginata  
  Schizolobium amazonicum Paricá
  Schizolobium parahyba  
  Selysia prunifera  
  Senna alata (= Cassia a.) Candle Bush
  Senna alexandrina (= Cassia angustifolia) Alexandrian or Egyptian Senna
  Senna auriculata (= Cassia a.) Avaram Cassia
  Senna candolleana (= Cassia candolleana) Golden Cassia
  Senna corymbosa (= Cassia corymbosa) Argentinian Cassia
  Senna didymobotrya (= Cassia did.) Popcorn Cassia
  Senna floribunda Golden Showy Cassia
  Senna meridionalis Succulent Cassia
  Senna polyphylla (= Cassia p.) Desert Cassia
  Senna reticulata (= Cassia r.)  
  Senna siamea (= Cassia s.) Bombay Blackwood, Ironwood
  Senna sulfurea (= Cassia glauca) Smooth Senna
  Senna viarum  
  Serjania membranacea  
  Sesbania bispinosa Prickly Sesban
  Sesbania grandiflora Scarlet Wisteria Tree
  Sesbania herbacea Coffeeweed
  Sesbania punicea (= S. tripetii) Rattlebox Tree
  Sicana odorifera Musk Cucumber
  Siraitia grosvenorii (= Momordica grosvenorii) Buddha Fruit, Monk's Fruit, Luohan Guo
  Sophora cassioides Pelú, Pilo
  Sophora macrocarpa  
  Sophora tomentosa Yellow Necklacepod
  Sorocea sp. (Esmeraldas)  
  Soulamea pancheri  
  Spondias dulcis Ambarella, Golden Apple
  Spondias mombin Java Plum
  Spondias purpurea Jocote, Red Mombin
  Sterculia dawei  
  Swartzia haughtii  
  Swietenia macrophylla Big Leaf Mahogany
  Swietenia mahagoni West Indian Mahogany
  Syzygium cordatum Water Berry
  Syzygium pondoense Pondo Waterwood
  Talisia macrophylla  
  Tamarindus indica (Si Chomphu)  
  Tamarindus indica (Si Thong) Sweet Tamarind
  Tapura fischeri Leafberry Tree
  Telfairia pedata Oyster Nut or Queen’s Nut
  Terminalia bellirica Baheda, Bibhitaki, Bedda Nut
  Terminalia brownii Umbrella Tree
  Tetrapterocarpon geayi  
  Theobroma bicolor Peruvian Cacao, Pataxte, Mocambo
  Theobroma cacao (Red) Cocoa Tree
  Theobroma cacao (Yellow) Cocoa Tree
  Thespesia populnea Portia Tree, Indian Tulip Tree
  Tipuana tipu Rosewood
  Toona ciliata (= Cedrela toona, Toona australis) Australian Red Cedar, Indian Mahogany
  Trema micrantha Jamaican Nettletree
  Trema orientalis Pigeon Wood, Indian Nettle Tree
  Triadica sebifera (= Sapium sebiferum) Chinese Tallowtree
  Trichilia dregeana Forest Mahogany
  Trichosanthes kinabaluensis  
  Trichosanthes kirilowii Gu lóu
  Trichosanthes montana  
  Tricyclandra leandrii  
  Trimeria grandifolia Wild Mulberry
  Tropaeolum moritzianum  
  Turpinia occidentalis Muttonwood
  Ugni molinae Murta
  Urera caracasana  
  Vigna caracalla (= Phaseolus caracalla) Corkscrew Vine
  Vismia baccifera  
  Vismia lateriflora  
  Wercklea ferox (= Hibiscus f.)  
  Woodfordia fruticosa Fire-flame Bush
  Xanthostemon aurantiacus (Red & Yellow) Yellow Xanthostemon
  Xanthostemon chrysanthus Golden Penda
  Xanthostemon francii  
  Xanthostemon gugerlii Giant Xanthostemon
  Xanthostemon verticillatus White Penda
  Xerosicyos danguyi Silver Dollar Vine
  Zanthoxylum armatum Winged Prickly Ash, Nepal Pepper
  Zanthoxylum capense Small Knobwood
  Zanthoxylum riedelianum Yellow Prickly Ash
  Ziziphus jujuba Red date, Chinese date
  Ziziphus mauritiana Indian Plum
  Ziziphus thyrsiflora Ébano
  Zygia longifolia (= Pithecellobium longifolium) Pichinde
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  Botanical name Common name
  Aciphylla aurea Golden Spaniard, Taramea
  Aciphylla colensoi Wild Spaniard
  Aciphylla congesta Compact Speargrass
  Aciphylla crenulata  
  Aciphylla crosby-smithii  
  Aciphylla dieffenbachii Dieffenbachs Speargrass
  Aciphylla divisa  
  Aciphylla glaucescens Feathery Spaniard
  Aciphylla horrida (Lomondii) Horrid Spaniard
  Aciphylla lyallii  
  Aciphylla montana  
  Aciphylla pinnatifida  
  Aciphylla scott-thomsonii Giant Spaniard, Thomson's Spaniard
  Aciphylla similis  
  Aciphylla simplex  
  Aciphylla squarrosa Taramea, Speargrass, Spaniard
  Aciphylla subflabellata Spaniard
  Aciphylla traversii Chatham Island Speargrass, Taramea
  Acnistus arborescens Hollowheart, Wild Tobacco
  Adenium obesum Desert Rose
  Aegiphila sellowiana  
  Alstonia scholaris Indian Devil Tree, Blackboard Tree
  Amphilophium crucigerum Monkey Comb
  Amphilophium paniculatum  
  Anisotome haastii  
  Anisotome latifolia  
  Anisotome lyallii Lyalls Carrot
  Annona cherimola  
  Apodytes abbottii  
  Apodytes dimidiata White Pear
  Aralia chinensis Chinese Angelica Tree
  Araujia sericifera Cruel Vine
  Ardisia barnesii  
  Ardisia crispa Coralberry, Japanese Holly
  Ardisia croatii subsp. correae  
  Argania spinosa Argan Tree
  Argyreia nervosa Elephant Creeper
  Barleria repens Small Bush Violet
  Bertiera guianensis  
  Borojoa patinoi Borojó
  Brachyglottis repanda (Rangiora) Rangiora, Bushman's Friend
  Brassaiopsis hainla Seto Chuletro Tree
  Brugmansia arborea White Angel's Trumpet
  Brugmansia sanguinea Red Angel's Trumpet
  Brugmansia suaveolens (White) Angel's Trumpet
  Buddleja asiatica Dogtail
  Burmeistera cyclostigmata  
  Calatola costaricensis  
  Callicarpa acuminata  
  Callichlamys latifolia  
  Camellia japonica Japanese Camellia
  Camellia sinensis Tea Plant
  Campsis radicans Trumpet Vine
  Canthium inerme Turkey Berry
  Carissa macrocarpa Natal Plum
  Cascabela thevetia (= Thevetia peruviana, T. neriifolia) Yellow Oleander
  Catharanthus roseus Madagascar Periwinkle
  Celmisia argentea Silver Cushion Mountain Daisy
  Celmisia armstrongii Armstrongs Mountain Daisy
  Celmisia coriacea Fiordland Mountain Daisy
  Celmisia hookeri Hookers Mountain Daisy
  Celmisia mackaui Akaroa Daisy
  Celmisia parva  
  Celmisia semicordata subsp. semicordata Large Mountain Daisy
  Celmisia sessiliflora White Cushion Mountain Daisy
  Celmisia traversii Mountain Daisy
  Celmisia viscosa Sticky Mountain Daisy
  Cestrum microcalyx  
  Chilopsis linearis Desert Willow
  Chrysophyllum cainito Star Apple
  Cinnamomum camphora Camphor Tree
  Citharexylum gentryi  
  Clavija longifolia  
  Clavija membranacea Shiculin Pijcha
  Clerodendrum glandulosum (= C. colebrookianum) East Indian Glory Bower
  Clerodendrum infortunatum (= C. viscosum) Hill Glory Bower
  Clerodendrum thomsoniae Bleeding Heart Vine
  Columnea eburnea  
  Columnea picta  
  Cordia africana White Manjack, Sudan Teak
  Cordia alliodora Ecuador Laurel
  Cordia dichotoma Fragrant Manjack, Glue Berry
  Cordia lutea Yellow Cordia, Muyuyo
  Cordia millenii African Manjack, Drum Tree
  Cordia sp. (Manabi)  
  Cordia tetrandra  
  Cordia wallichii Large Sebesten
  Cornutia pyramidata Hoary-leaved Cornutia
  Couroupita guianensis  
  Couroupita nicaraguarensis Cannonball Tree
  Crescentia cujete Calabash Tree
  Cryptolepis dubia (= C. buchananii) Indian Sarsaparilla
  Cryptostegia grandiflora Rubber Vine
  Cucumis africanus (Large Fruit) Wild Cucumber
  Cussonia natalensis Rock Cabbage Tree
  Cussonia paniculata subsp. sinuata Mountain Cabbage Tree
  Cussonia sphaerocephala Forest Cabbage Tree
  Cussonia spicata Common Cabbage Tree
  Cussonia zuluensis Zulu Cabbage Tree
  Cybianthus kayapii  
  Cybianthus occigranatensis  
  Cybianthus simplex  
  Cybistax antisyphilitica (= Bignonia a.)  
  Cyphomandra hartwegii  
  Dendroseris litoralis Juan Fernández Cabbage Tree
  Dendroseris marginata  
  Dendroseris micrantha  
  Dendroseris pinnata  
  Dendroseris pruinata  
  Dichroa febrifuga Blue Evergreen Hydrangea
  Diospyros kaki Japanese Persimmon
  Diospyros lycioides Bluebush, Monkey Plum
  Diospyros melanoxylon Coromandel Ebony, East Indian Ebony
  Diospyros scabrida Hard Leaved Monkey Plum
  Diospyros texana Texas Persimmon
  Diospyros vaccinioides Small Persimmon
  Diospyros vera (= D. ferrea)  
  Diospyros virginiana American Persimmon
  Dolichandra unguis-cati (= Bignonia u., Macfadyena u., Doxantha u.)  
  Dracophyllum longifolium Inanga
  Dracophyllum longifolium (Pink) Pink Inanga
  Dracophyllum prostratum  
  Dracophyllum ramosum  
  Dracophyllum strictum  
  Dracophyllum traversii Mountain Neinei
  Drymonia turrialvae  
  Duranta erecta (= D. repens) Golden Dewdrop
  Ecclinusa guianensis  
  Echium candicans Pride of Madeira
  Echium wildpretii Tower of Jewels, Red Bugloss
  Edgeworthia gardneri Indian Papertree, Argali
  Eremophila maculata Spotted Emu Bush
  Eryngium agavifolium Sea Holly
  Eryngium eburneum Candelabra Sea Holly
  Eryngium paniculatum Chupalla
  Euclinia suavissima (= Gardenia suavissima)  
  Exarata chocoensis Canquete Tree
  Faramea oblongifolia  
  Fatsia japonica Japanese Aralia
  Fernelia buxifolia  
  Frasera speciosa Deer’s Ears, Monument Plant
  Fraxinus anomala Single Leaf Ash
  Fridericia speciosa  
  Gardenia colnettiana Colnett Gardenia
  Gardenia cornuta Horned Gardenia
  Gardenia erubescens Female Gardenia
  Gardenia jasminoides Common Gardenia, Cape Jasmine
  Gardenia oudiepe  
  Gardenia thunbergia Forest Gardenia
  Gardenia volkensii Transvaal Gardenia
  Gaultheria hispida Snow Berry
  Gaultheria mucronata  
  Gaultheria rigida (= Pernettya rigida)  
  Genipa americana Marmalade Box
  Geophila macropoda Mouse Ear
  Gmelina arborea Beechwood, White Teak
  Gonolobus ophioglossa  
  Guettarda speciosa Beach Gardenia
  Haldina cordifolia Haldu Tree
  Heracleum wallichii Wallich's Hogweed
  Hibiscus tiliaceus (= Talipariti tiliaceum) Beach Hibiscus, Sea Rosemallow
  Holmskioldia sanguinea Chinese Hat Plant
  Hypoestes aristata Ribbon Bush
  Hyptis capitata Buttonweed, Knobweed
  Ilex paraguariensis Maté, Yerba Maté
  Ilex vomitoria Yaupon Holly
  Ipomoea cairica (= I. palmata) Cairo Morning Glory
  Ipomoea carnea Pink Morning Glory
  Ipomoea pes-caprae Beach Morning Glory, Goat's Foot
  Ipomoea quamoclit Cardinal Vine
  Isertia laevis  
  Jacaranda cuspidifolia  
  Jacaranda mimosifolia Blue Jacaranda
  Kigelia africana (= K. pinnata) Sausage Tree
  Lantana camara Common lantana, wild sage
  Lepechinia meyenii Tequar
  Liabum saloyense  
  Luculia gratissima Luculia
  Lychnophora ericoides  
  Lychnophora sp. (Diamantina)  
  Lycianthes pauciflora  
  Lycianthes sp. (Salima)  
  Lycium berlandieri Berlandier's Wolfberry
  Maesa chisia  
  Manilkara hexandra Ceylon Iron Wood
  Marcgravia brownei  
  Markhamia lutea Bell Bean Tree, Nile Tulip Tree
  Merremia tuberosa Spanish Arborvine
  Merremia umbellata Hogvine
  Meryta balansae  
  Meryta lecardii  
  Meryta neoebudica  
  Mesechites trifidus  
  Mimusops bagshawei Omuma
  Mimusops elengi  
  Mimusops obovata Coastal Red Milkwood
  Morinda citrifolia Noni
  Mussaenda macrophylla  
  Myodocarpus crassifolius  
  Myodocarpus fraxinifolius  
  Myodocarpus lanceolatus  
  Neolamarckia cadamba (= Anthocephalus c.) Kadam Tree
  Nicandra physalodes Apple of Peru
  Notopleura uliginosa  
  Nyctanthes arbor-tristis Night-flowering Jasmine
  Oroxylum indicum Tree of Damocles
  Osmanthus fragrans Sweet Osmanthus, Sweet Olive
  Pachypodium densiflorum var. brevicalyx  
  Pachypodium densiflorum var. densiflorum  
  Pachypodium geayi  
  Pachypodium horombense  
  Pachypodium lamerei "Madagascar Palm"
  Pachypodium lamerei var. ramosum  
  Pachypodium mikea  
  Pachypodium rosulatum subsp. cactipes Elephant's Foot Plant
  Pachypodium rosulatum subsp. gracilius Elephant's Foot Plant
  Pachypodium rosulatum subsp. rosulatum  
  Pachypodium rutenbergianum  
  Pachypodium rutenbergianum var. meridionale  
  Pachypodium saundersii Kudu Lily, Lundi Star
  Pachypodium sofiense  
  Pachypodium windsorii Windsor's Elephant's Foot
  Palicourea acanthacea  
  Palicourea guianensis Showy Cappel
  Palicourea punicea  
  Panax ginseng Asian Ginseng
  Pandorea jasminoides  
  Pandorea jasminoides (Alba)  
  Paragenipa wrightii Large Leaf Maroon Coffee
  Pentagonia brachyotis  
  Pentagonia lanciloba  
  Pentagonia wurdackii  
  Phacelia pinnatifida  
  Pittosporum bicolor Banyalla
  Pittosporum pentandrum var. formosanum Taiwanese Cheesewood
  Pittosporum viridiflorum Cheesewood
  Plumeria pudica  
  Polyosma leratii  
  Polyscias sp. (Mt. Tonta)  
  Posoqueria coriacea subsp. maxima  
  Pouteria sapota Mamey Sapote
  Pouteria sp. (Esmeraldas) Caimitillo
  Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides (= Senecio confusus) Mexican Flame Vine
  Pseudopanax arboreus Fivefinger
  Pseudopanax colensoi Mountain Fivefinger
  Pseudopanax crassifolius Lancewood, Horoeka
  Pseudopanax ferox Toothed Lancewood
  Pseudopanax laetus  
  Pseudopanax macintyrei MacIntyres Fivefinger
  Psychotria ammericola  
  Psychotria baillonii  
  Psychotria baladensis  
  Psychotria capensis Bastard Lemonwood
  Psychotria douarrei  
  Psychotria grandis  
  Psychotria pilosa  
  Psychotria poeppigiana Hot Lips
  Psychotria sp. (Big Fuzzy)  
  Psychotria sp. (Mt. Panié)  
  Psydrax obovata Quar Tree
  Radermachera sinica Emerald Tree
  Raukaua simplex (= Pseudopanax simplex)  
  Rauvolfia serpentina Snakeroot
  Rauvolfia vomitoria African Snakeroot, Poison Devil's Pepper
  Rhaphithamnus venustus  
  Richea dracophylla Pineapple Candleheath
  Richea pandanifolia Pandani
  Robinsonia gayana  
  Rotheca serrata (= Clerodendrum s.) Blue Fountain Bush
  Rothmannia annae Wright's Gardenia
  Rudgea cornifolia  
  Saurauia prainiana  
  Scaevola cylindrica  
  Schefflera actinophylla Umbrella Tree
  Schefflera arboricola Dwarf Umbrella Tree
  Schefflera bipalmatifolia  
  Schefflera digitata Pate, Seven-finger
  Schefflera pubigera (= S. bengalensis)  
  Schefflera rhododendrifolia (= S. impressa)  
  Schlegelia darienensis  
  Senecio hollermayeri  
  Senecio niveoaureus  
  Solandra longiflora Chalice Vine
  Solanum anguivi (= S. indicum) Forest Bitterberry
  Solanum betaceum (= Cyphomandra betacea) Tamarillo
  Solanum caripense Tzimbalo
  Solanum ferox Terong Bulu
  Solanum laciniatum Kangaroo Apple
  Solanum macranthum Giant Potato Tree
  Solanum mammosum Nipplefruit
  Solanum sessiliflorum Cocona
  Solanum sp. (Terong Asam) Terong Asam
  Solanum vescum  
  Solanum virginianum (= S. xanthocarpum) Thorny Nightshade, Thai Eggplant
  Spathodea campanulata African Tuliptree
  Stereospermum euphorioides  
  Stictocardia mojangensis (= Ipomoea m.)  
  Stilbocarpa polaris  
  Stylogyne cauliflora  
  Styphelia cymbulae  
  Styphelia sp. (Mt. Tonta)  
  Symplocos caerulescens  
  Synsepalum dulcificum Miracle Berry
  Tabebuia chrysotricha Golden Trumpet Tree
  Tabebuia impetiginosa Pink Ipê, Pink Lapacho
  Tabebuia rosea (Alba) Savanna Oak
  Tabebuia rosea (Pink)  
  Tabebuia umbellata Yellow Trumpet Tree
  Tecoma fulva subsp. garrocha Orange Trumpetbush
  Tecoma stans var. sambucifolia Golden Trumpetbush
  Tecoma stans var. stans Yellow Trumpetbush
  Tectona grandis Teak
  Tetrapanax papyriferus Rice-paper Plant
  Thunbergia grandiflora (Alba) Bengal Clock Vine, White Sky Vine
  Tieghemopanax pancheri (= Polyscias pancheri)  
  Tournefortia glabra  
  Tournefortia psilostachya Smooth-stemmed Tournefortia
  Trianaea speciosa  
  Uncarina perrieri  
  Vaccinium reticulatum Ohelo
  Vangueria apiculata Mutugundo Fruit
  Vangueria infausta African Medlar
  Vangueria madagascarensis Spanish Tamarind
  Verbesina minuticeps  
  Vernonia amygdalina Giant Vernonia
  Vernonia volkameriaefolia  
  Vitex agnus-castus Chaste Tree, Chasteberry
  Vitex doniana Black Plum, West African Plum
  Vitex gigantea Pechiche
  Wahlenbergia fernandeziana  
  Warionia saharae Warionia
  Warscewiczia coccinea  
  Wigandia ecuadorensis  
  Wightia speciosissima (= W. gigantea)  
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  other eudicots
  Botanical name Common name
  Abuta colombiana  
  Aeonium arboreum  
  Aeonium canariense Giant Velvet Rose
  Aeonium ciliatum  
  Aeonium gorgoneum  
  Aeonium haworthii  
  Aeonium lancerottense  
  Aeonium spathulatum  
  Aeonium tabuliforme Saucer Giant Houseleek
  Aeonium urbicum  
  Alluaudia procera Madagascar Ocotillo
  Anomospermum chloranthum  
  Antigonon leptopus Coral Vine
  Bocconia integrifolia  
  Carpobrotus rossii Karkalla
  Celosia spicata Wheatstraw Celosia
  Chenopodium sanctae-clarae Santa Clara Goosefoot
  Cissampelos tropaeolifolia  
  Clematis flammula Fragrant Virgin's Bower
  Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga (Macrantha)  
  Didierea madagascariensis Octopus Tree
  Dillenia indica Chulta Tree
  Disciphania ernestii  
  Disphyma crassifolium Purple Dew Plant
  Gevuina avellana Chilean Hazel
  Grevillea exul ssp. rubiginosa  
  Hibbertia trachyphylla  
  Kalanchoe grandiflora  
  Kalanchoe pumila Flower Dust Plant
  Kalanchoe tetraphylla (= K. thyrsiflora)  
  Limnobotrya lacustris (= Ribes lacustre) Prickly Currant
  Macadamia integrifolia x M. tetraphylla (Beaumont) Macadamia Nut
  Nelumbo nucifera Sacred Lotus
  Odontocarya perforata  
  Phytolacca rivinoides Venezuelan Pokeweed
  Protea roupelliae Silver Sugarbush
  Ptilotus spathulatus Possum Tails
  Ribes cereum Wax Currant
  Santalum album Indian Sandalwood
  Sarcocornia quinqueflora (= Salicornia q.) Beaded Glasswort
  Silene undulata (= S. capensis) Xhosa Dream Herb
  Stenocarpus milnei  
  Stenocarpus sinuatus Firewheel Tree
  Stephania glandulifera  
  Stephania rotunda  
  Telopea truncata Tasmanian Waratah
  Triplaris cumingiana Ant Tree
Palms   Gunneras   Cycads
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Magnoliids   Conifers
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Rosids   Tree Ferns
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Asterids   Fruit Trees
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Other Eudicots    
Aroids   Cacti    
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  Botanical name Common name
  Carnegiea gigantea Saguaro
  Cumulopuntia boliviana subsp. echinacea  
  Cumulopuntia boliviana subsp. ignescens  
  Cumulopuntia sphaerica Gatito
  Cylindropuntia imbricata Tree Cholla
  Cylindropuntia spinosior Cane Cholla
  Cylindropuntia whipplei (= Opuntia w.) Whipple Cholla
  Echinocactus grusonii Golden Barrel Cactus
  Echinocactus platyacanthus (= E. ingens) Giant Barrel Cactus
  Echinopsis pachanoi (= Trichocereus peruvianus) Pitaya, Dragon Fruit
  Epiphyllum phyllanthus  
  Eulychnia acida Copao
  Eulychnia breviflora  
  Ferocactus herrerae Twisted Barrel Cactus
  Hylocereus costaricensis Red Pitaya, Red Dragon Fruit
  Hylocereus megalanthus Yellow Pitaya, Yellow Dragon Fruit
  Hylocereus undatus White Pitaya, White Dragon Fruit
  Maihueniopsis bolivianum  
  Maihueniopsis colorea  
  Maihueniopsis domeykoensis  
  Maihueniopsis glomerata  
  Miqueliopuntia miquelii  
  Opuntia atrispina  
  Opuntia bentonii  
  Opuntia charlestonensis  
  Opuntia dulcis Sweet Prickly Pear
  Opuntia engelmannii Texas Prickly Pear Cactus
  Opuntia engelmannii var. linguiformis  
  Opuntia fragilis Brittle Pricklypear
  Opuntia macrocentra Purple Prickly Pear
  Opuntia microdasys Bunny Ears Cactus
  Opuntia phaeacantha Mojave Prickly Pear
  Opuntia phaeacantha (Superbospina) Kingman Prickly Pear
  Opuntia polyacantha  
  Opuntia pyrocarpa  
  Opuntia santarita Purple Prickly Pear
  Opuntia sp. (Huevo)  
  Opuntia stricta  
  Opuntia trichophora  
  Pachycereus pringlei Elephant Cactus, Mexican Giant Cactus
  Pilosocereus magnificus  
Palms   Gunneras   Cycads
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Magnoliids   Conifers
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Rosids   Tree Ferns
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Asterids   Fruit Trees
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Other Eudicots    
Aroids   Cacti    
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  Botanical name Common name
  Bowenia serrulata Byfield Fern
  Bowenia sp. Tinaroo Tinaroo Fern
  Bowenia spectabilis  
  Cycas angulata  
  Cycas armstrongii  
  Cycas balansae Balansa's Sago
  Cycas bifida Chaye Sutie
  Cycas bougainvilleana Pago Sago
  Cycas cairnsiana Mount Surprise Sago
  Cycas canalis  
  Cycas candida White Seed Sago
  Cycas chamaoensis  
  Cycas changjiangensis  
  Cycas chevalieri  
  Cycas circinalis Queen Sago
  Cycas clivicola f. lutea Mountain Sago
  Cycas clivicola ssp. clivicola Mountain Sago
  Cycas debaoensis Multipinnate Cycad
  Cycas debaoensis (Compacta)  
  Cycas debaoensis (Glaucous)  
  Cycas debaoensis (Skinny)  
  Cycas debaoensis (Very Skinny)  
  Cycas debaoensis C. multipinnata F1  
  Cycas debaoensis X C. diannanensis  
  Cycas debaoensis x C. micholitzii  
  Cycas debaoensis X C. revoluta  
  Cycas diannanensis  
  Cycas diannanensis (Mountain form)  
  Cycas diannanensis X C. debaoensis  
  Cycas diannanensis X C. micholitzii  
  Cycas elephantipes Elephant Foot Sago
  Cycas elongata  
  Cycas guizhouensis Xingyi Sago
  Cycas hainanensis  
  Cycas lindstromii  
  Cycas litoralis Sea Sago
  Cycas longipetiolula  
  Cycas maconochiei  
  Cycas macrocarpa Fern Sago
  Cycas media Australian Sago
  Cycas megacarpa  
  Cycas micholitzii Micholitz's Sago
  Cycas multifrondis  
  Cycas multipinnata Royal Sago
  Cycas nongnoochiae Nong Nooch Sago
  Cycas ophiolitica Marlborough Blue Sago
  Cycas pachypoda  
  Cycas panzhihuaensis Hardy Sago
  Cycas panzhihuaensis x C. debaoensis F1  
  Cycas papuana  
  Cycas pectinata  
  Cycas petraea Loei Sago
  Cycas platyphylla  
  Cycas pranburiensis Pranburi Sago
  Cycas revoluta King Sago
  Cycas revoluta x C. debaoensis F1  
  Cycas revoluta X C. micholitzii  
  Cycas seemanii  
  Cycas segmentifida  
  Cycas sexseminifera Dwarf Sago
  Cycas shanyagensis  
  Cycas siamensis Thai Sago
  Cycas siamensis (Dwarf Form) Dwarf Thai Sago
  Cycas simplicipinna  
  Cycas sp. (Corky Seed)  
  Cycas sp. (Silver) Thai Silver Sago
  Cycas sp. Thai Dwarf  
  Cycas szechuanensis Fujian Sago
  Cycas taitungensis Emperor Sago
  Cycas taiwaniana  
  Cycas tanqingii  
  Cycas tansachana Kampon's Sago
  Cycas thouarsii Madagascar Sago
  Cycas wadei Wade's Sago
  Dioon califanoi  
  Dioon caputoi  
  Dioon edule  
  Dioon holmgrenii  
  Dioon merolae  
  Dioon merolae (Golden Oaxacan)  
  Dioon rzedowskii  
  Dioon sp. (Palma Sola)  
  Dioon sp. (El Cameroon) (= D. oaxacensis)  
  Dioon spinulosum  
  Encephalartos barteri var. barteri (EU only)  
  Lepidozamia hopei Hope's Cycad
  Lepidozamia peroffskyana  
  Macrozamia cardiacensis  
  Macrozamia communis  
  Macrozamia concinna  
  Macrozamia diplomera  
  Macrozamia douglasii  
  Macrozamia fawcettii  
  Macrozamia flexuosa  
  Macrozamia fraseri  
  Macrozamia glaucophylla Blue Macrozamia
  Macrozamia humilis  
  Macrozamia johnsonii  
  Macrozamia longispina  
  Macrozamia lucida  
  Macrozamia miquelii  
  Macrozamia montana  
  Macrozamia moorei  
  Macrozamia mountperriensis  
  Macrozamia platyrhachis  
  Macrozamia polymorpha  
  Macrozamia reducta  
  Macrozamia riedlei  
  Macrozamia secunda  
  Macrozamia serpentina  
  Macrozamia spiralis  
  Macrozamia stenomera  
  Macrozamia stenomera (Blue)  
  Zamia acuminata  
  Zamia amblyphyllidia  
  Zamia boliviana  
  Zamia fairchildiana  
  Zamia floridana Coontie
  Zamia furfuracea Cardboard Palm
  Zamia hamannii Hamann's Zamia
  Zamia imperialis Imperial Zamia
  Zamia ipetiensis  
  Zamia lecointei  
  Zamia loddigesii  
  Zamia muricata  
  Zamia nesophila  
  Zamia neurophyllidia (Wide leaflet form)  
  Zamia pseudoparasitica Epiphytic Zamia
  Zamia pygmaea (= Z. kickxii)  
  Zamia roezlii  
  Zamia skinneri Skinner's Zamia
  Zamia sp. (Blanco) Snow White Zamia
  Zamia sp. (Emerald) Emerald Zamia
  Zamia standleyi  
  Zamia vasquezii  
Palms   Gunneras   Cycads
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Magnoliids   Conifers
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Rosids   Tree Ferns
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Asterids   Fruit Trees
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Other Eudicots    
Aroids   Cacti    
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  Botanical name Common name
  Abies cephalonica Grecian Fir
  Abies delavayi var. delavayi Delavay Fir
  Abies fabri Faber Fir
  Abies firma Momi Fir
  Abies magnifica California Red Fir
  Abies pindrow West Himalayan Fir
  Abies recurvata (syn. A. ernestii) Min Fir, Ernest Fir
  Abies spectabilis East Himalayan Fir
  Actinostrobus arenarius Sandplain Cypress
  Actinostrobus pyramidalis Swan River Cypress
  Afrocarpus falcatus Outeniqua Yellowwood
  Afrocarpus gracilior East African Yellowwood
  Afrocarpus usambarensis East African Yellowwood
  Agathis australis New Zealand Kauri
  Agathis lanceolata Koghis Kauri
  Agathis ovata  
  Araucaria angustifolia Parana Pine, Candelabra Pine
  Araucaria araucana - EU only Monkey Puzzle Tree
  Araucaria araucana x A. angustifolia F2  
  Araucaria bidwillii Bunya Pine
  Araucaria cunninghamii subsp. cunninghamii Hoop Pine
  Araucaria heterophylla (= A. excelsa) Norfolk Island Pine
  Araucaria laubenfelsii De Laubenfels' Araucaria
  Araucaria luxurians Coast Araucaria
  Araucaria montana Mountain Araucaria
  Araucaria nemorosa Boise Araucaria
  Araucaria rulei  
  Araucaria scopulorum Rock Araucaria
  Athrotaxis cupressoides Pencil Pine
  Athrotaxis laxifolia Summit Cedar
  Athrotaxis selaginoides King Billy Pine
  Austrocedrus chilensis Chilean Cedar
  Callitris columellaris White Cypress-Pine, Bribie Island Pine
  Callitris glaucophylla White Cypress Pine
  Callitris oblonga Pigmy Cypress Pine
  Callitris rhomboidea Oyster Bay Pine
  Calocedrus decurrens California Incense Cedar
  Cedrus deodara Deodar Cedar, Himalaya Cedar
  Cephalotaxus fortunei Fortune Plum Yew
  Cephalotaxus sinensis var. sinensis Chinese Plum Yew
  Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Port Orford Cedar
  Chamaecyparis pisifera Sawara Cypress
  Cryptomeria japonica Japanese Cedar, Sugi Cedar
  Cunninghamia lanceolata Common China Fir
  Cupressus arizonica var. arizonica Arizona Cypress
  Cupressus cashmeriana Kashmir Cypress
  Cupressus dupreziana var. atlantica Moroccan Cypress
  Cupressus goveniana Gowen or Mendocino Cypress
  Cupressus lusitanica Mexican Cypress
  Cupressus macrocarpa Monterey Cypress
  Cupressus sempervirens Mediterranean Cypress
  Cupressus sempervirens (Stricta) Mediterranean Cypress
  Cupressus torulosa Himalayan Cypress
  Dacrycarpus dacrydioides Kahikatea, White Pine
  Dacrydium araucarioides  
  Diselma archeri Cheshunt Pine
  Ephedra intermedia Blue Jointfir
  Ephedra nevadensis Gray Jointfir, Nevada Mormon Tea
  Ephedra sinica Cao Ma Huang
  Ephedra viridis Mountain Jointfir, Green Mormon Tea
  Ginkgo biloba Ginkgo, Maidenhair Tree
  Gnetum gnemon var. gnemon  
  Halocarpus biformis Pink Pine, Yellow Pine
  Juniperus chinensis var. chinensis Chinese Juniper
  Juniperus excelsa subsp. polycarpos Dhup
  Juniperus flaccida Mexican Drooping Juniper
  Juniperus osteosperma  
  Juniperus rigida Needle or Temple Juniper
  Keteleeria davidiana  
  Keteleeria evelyniana Yunnan Youshan
  Keteleeria fortunei  
  Lagarostrobos franklinii Huon Pine
  Larix sibirica Siberian Larch
  Lepidothamnus laxifolius Mountain Rimu, Pygmy Pine
  Libocedrus plumosa Kawaka, New Zealand Cedar
  Metasequoia glyptostroboides Dawn Redwood
  Microcachrys tetragona Strawberry Pine
  Nageia nagi (= Podocarpus nagi)  
  Neocallitropsis pancheri  
  Phyllocladus alpinus Mountain Toatoa
  Phyllocladus aspleniifolius Celery Top Pine
  Phyllocladus trichomanoides Tanekaha, Celery Pine
  Picea asperata Dragon Spruce
  Picea smithiana Morinda Spruce
  Pinus aristata Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine
  Pinus armandii David's Pine
  Pinus canariensis Canary Island Pine
  Pinus contorta subsp. murrayana Sierra Lodgepole Pine, Tamrac Pine
  Pinus gerardiana Chilgoza Pine, Nepal Nut Pine
  Pinus jeffreyi Jeffrey Pine
  Pinus johannis Johann's Pine, Dwarf Piñon
  Pinus longaeva Great Basin Bristlecone Pine
  Pinus maximartinezii Martínez Piñon
  Pinus pinceana Mexican Blue Weeping Piñon
  Pinus ponderosa Ponderosa Pine, Western Yellow Pine
  Pinus pseudostrobus var. apulcensis Apulco Pine
  Pinus pumila Japanese Stone Pine
  Pinus roxburghii Chir Pine
  Pinus tabuliformis Chinese Red Pine
  Pinus thunbergii Japanese Black Pine
  Pinus torreyana Torrey Pine
  Pinus wallichiana Bhutan Pine, Himalayan White Pine
  Pinus yunnanensis var. yunnanensis Yunnan Pine
  Platycladus orientalis  
  Platycladus orientalis (Compacta)  
  Podocarpus costalis  
  Podocarpus elatus Plum Pine
  Podocarpus henkelii Henkel's Yellowwood
  Podocarpus macrophyllus Japanese Yew
  Podocarpus nivalis Snow Totara
  Podocarpus novae-caledoniae  
  Podocarpus saligna Mañio
  Podocarpus totara Totara
  Prumnopitys andina Mountain Grape
  Prumnopitys ferruginea Miro, Brown Pine
  Prumnopitys taxifolia Matai, Black Pine
  Pseudolarix amabilis Golden Larch
  Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii Coast Douglas Fir
  Retrophyllum minus (= R. minor) Corkwood Tree, “Bois Bouchon”
  Sciadopitys verticillata Japanese Umbrella Pine, Koya-Maki
  Sequoia sempervirens Coast Redwood
  Sequoiadendron giganteum Giant Sequoia
  Taxodium distichum var. distichum Northern Bald Cypress
  Taxodium huegelii (= Taxodium mucronatum) Montezuma Bald Cypress
  Thuja occidentalis Northern White Cedar, Eastern Arborvitae
  Thuja plicata Western Red Cedar
  Tsuga chinensis Taiwan Hemlock
  Welwitschia mirabilis  
Palms   Gunneras   Cycads
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Magnoliids   Conifers
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Rosids   Tree Ferns
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Asterids   Fruit Trees
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Other Eudicots    
Aroids   Cacti    
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  tree ferns
  Botanical name Common name
  Angiopteris evecta  
  Blechnum chilense Palm Leaf Fern
  Blechnum cycadifolium  
  Blechnum gibbum Dwarf Tree Fern
  Blechnum obtusatum  
  Blechnum schottii  
  Blechnum sp. (Pink Panama)  
  Cyathea alata  
  Cyathea albifrons  
  Cyathea australis Rough Tree Fern
  Cyathea borbonica  
  Cyathea borneensis  
  Cyathea capitata  
  Cyathea carrii  
  Cyathea cicatricosa  
  Cyathea contaminans  
  Cyathea cooperi Scaly Tree Fern
  Cyathea cunninghamii Gully Tree Fern
  Cyathea dealbata Silver Fern, Ponga
  Cyathea decurrens  
  Cyathea dregei  
  Cyathea fenicis  
  Cyathea glauca  
  Cyathea gleichenioides Coral Treefern
  Cyathea intermedia  
  Cyathea lepifera Flying Spider-monkey Tree Fern
  Cyathea leucotricha  
  Cyathea longipes  
  Cyathea lunulata subsp. vitiensis  
  Cyathea medullaris Black Tree Fern, Mamaku
  Cyathea podophylla  
  Cyathea ramispina  
  Cyathea smithii Soft Tree Fern, Katote
  Cyathea sp. (Anove)  
  Cyathea sp. (Dainty)  
  Cyathea sp. (Tiny Top)  
  Cyathea spinulosa Spiny Tree Fern
  Cyathea stelligera  
  Cyathea truncata  
  Cyathea vaupelii  
  Cyathea viellardii  
  Dicksonia antarctica  
  Dicksonia berteroana (= D. berteriana)  
  Dicksonia blumei Blume's Tree Fern
  Dicksonia fibrosa Kuripaka, Wheki-Ponga
  Dicksonia squarrosa (South Island) Rough Tree Fern, Weki
  Dicksonia thyrsopteroides  
  Dipteris conjugata  
  Thyrsopteris elegans  
  Todea barbara  
Palms   Gunneras   Cycads
Bananas, Gingers & Relatives   Magnoliids   Conifers
Bromeliads, Grasses & Bamboos   Rosids   Tree Ferns
Screw Pines & Cyclanths   Asterids   Fruit Trees
Agaves, Yuccas & Relatives   Other Eudicots    
Aroids   Cacti    
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  fruit trees
  Botanical name Common name
  Akebia quinata Chocolate Vine
  Anacardium excelsum Wild Cashew
  Annona muricata Brazilian Pawpaw, Soursop
  Annona sp. (Alargada)  
  Antidesma bunius Bignay, Buni, Salamander Tree
  Archidendron jiringa  
  Artocarpus anisophyllus Bintawa
  Artocarpus camansi Breadnut
  Artocarpus elasticus  
  Artocarpus integer  
  Artocarpus integer (Small Fruit) Durian Cempedak
  Artocarpus kemando Pudu, Pudau
  Artocarpus odoratissimus  
  Artocarpus rigidus Peraput
  Artocarpus sericicarpus Pulantan
  Artocarpus tamaran  
  Baccaurea angulata Belimbing Hutan
  Baccaurea lanceolata  
  Baccaurea macrocarpa Tampoi
  Baccaurea motleyana Rambai
  Barringtonia edulis Pili Nut
  Beccariella sebertii  
  Canarium odontophyllum Dabai, Melaya, Tropical Olive
  Canarium sp. (Large Green)  
  Carica papaya (Lundu) Lundu-pisang
  Castanopsis foxworthyi Berangan
  Castanopsis sp. (Dark Brown)  
  Castanopsis sp. (Sarawak)  
  Celtis zenkeri African Celtis
  Cocos nucifera (Niuyabia) Coconut Palm
  Cocos nucifera (Rotuman) Coconut Palm
  Cyclanthera pedata Caigua
  Dacryodes expansa Nyamban
  Dacryodes rostrata f. cuspidata Kembayau
  Dehaasia sp. (Red Peduncle)  
  Dillenia suffructicosa Simpoh, Buan
  Dimocarpus longana var. malesianus Mata kucing, Cat’s Eye Longan
  Diospyros blancoi  
  Diospyros macrocarpa  
  Diospyros sp. (Spotted Calyx)  
  Dracontomelon vitiense Dragon Plum, Nakatambol Tree
  Durio dulcis Durian Merah
  Durio graveolens  
  Durio graveolens (Red Aril) Durian Merah, Durian Kuning
  Durio graveolens (Tangerine Aril)  
  Durio kutejensis Durian Pulu
  Durio oxleyanus Durian Isu
  Durio sp. (Small Spiney)  
  Durio testudinarium Durian Kura-Kura
  Durio zibethinus (King Ford)  
  Durio zibethinus (Thin Skin) Durian
  Elateriospermum sp. (Miniature) Squirrel Tapos
  Eriobotrya japonica Loquat
  Eugenia brongniartiana  
  Eugenia candolleana Rainforest Plum
  Eugenia copacabanensis Copacabana Guava
  Eugenia involucrata Rio Grande Cherry
  Eugenia uniflora Pitanga, Brazilian Cherry
  Ficus habrophylla  
  Ficus punctata Climbing Fig
  Ficus sp. (Jungle Fig)  
  Garcinia acuminata Bacurizinho
  Garcinia cambogia  
  Garcinia gardneriana (= Rheedia gardneriana) Bacupari, Yellow Mangosteen
  Garcinia mangostana Purple Mangosteen
  Garcinia nervosa  
  Garcinia parviflora Asam Aur Aur
  Garcinia sp. (Supreme) Mangis Jantan
  Garcinia sp. (Vietnam Yellow)  
  Gnetum gnemon var. sarawakensis Sabong
  Hoya sp. (Pearl)  
  Lacmellea sp. (Ecuador)  
  Lansium domesticum Langsat
  Lansium domesticum (Wild Form) Button or Marble Langsat
  Lepisanthes alata Ceri Terengganu
  Litchi chinensis subsp. chinensis Lychee
  Litsea garciae (Bintang) Engkala
  Litsea garciae (Bulan) Engkala
  Mammea americana Mammee apple
  Mangifera applanata Asam Lepeh
  Mangifera foetida  
  Mangifera kemanga  
  Mangifera laurina Water Mango, Empelom
  Mangifera pajang Bambangan, Embang
  Mangifera pajang (Sabah) Embang, Pajang
  Mangifera quadrifida Asam Kambang
  Mangifera torquenda Lamantan
  Manilkara bella  
  Maranta arundinacea Bermuda Arrowroot
  Momordica cochinchinensis Gac Fruit
  Myrciaria x cauliflora Brazilian Grape Tree, Jaboticaba
  Nephelium echinulatum  
  Nephelium maingayi Serait, Seruit, Serupit
  Nephelium melanomiscum  
  Nephelium mutabile  
  Nephelium ramboutan-ake  
  Nephelium ramboutan-ake (Black Truffle) Pulasan
  Nephelium ramboutan-ake (Green Dragon) Pulasan
  Nephelium sp. (Big Red)  
  Nephelium uncinatum (Red Miniature) Small Hooked Rambutan
  Parartocarpus venenosus ssp. forbesii  
  Pentaspadon motleyi Pelong, Plajau
  Persea americana (Chilean Edible Skin)  
  Piper sp. (Gorgeous Red)  
  Piper sp. (Long Pink)  
  Piper sp. (Orange Fragrant)  
  Plagiostachys albiflora Munong
  Platonia insignis Bakuri
  Plethiandra sp. (Creamy Star) Jambu Ara
  Plinia edulis Cambucá
  Pometia pinnata Tava
  Pourouma cecropiifolia Amazon Grape Tree
  Pouteria coelomatica  
  Prainea limpato  
  Prunus serotina subsp. capuli Wild Black Cherry
  Psidium guajava (Ecuador) Apple Guava
  Psidium littorale var. cattleianum Strawberry Guava
  Quercus sp. (Brown)  
  Quercus sp. (Silver)  
  Rubus moluccanus  
  Rubus rosifolius  
  Salacca affinis Red Salak
  Salacia sp. (Deer's Eye) Deer's Eye Fruit, Mata Palanduk
  Sandoricum borneensis Sentul Kapas
  Schinus molle Peruvian Pepper
  Sclerocarya birrea Marula
  Scorodocarpus borneensis Sindu, Bwang Hutan, Garlic Nut
  Shorea macrophylla Giant Illipe Nut, Jantung
  Shorea seminis Illipe Nut
  Solanum quitoense Naranjilla, Lulo
  Stelechocarpus burahol Kepel Fruit
  Tamarindus indica Tamarind
  Trichosanthes sp. (Bali Melon)  
  Trichosanthes sp. (Cyclops Melon)  
  Whitfordiodendron nieuwenhuisii Giant Peanut Vine
  Willughbeia angustifolia  
  Willughbeia coriacea  
  Willughbeia elmerii  
  Willughbeia sarawakensis Akar Kubal Susu
  Xanthophyllum amoenum Nyalin
  Ziziphus kunstleri Eagle's Claw Fruit
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