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• Minimum order Euro 30.
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• Updated on: Tuesday, January 8, 2019.
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fruit trees

Botanical name Common name Qty Euro/
Abelmoschus esculentus Okra 4.6010 seeds
Acacia concinna xxl 5.4010 seeds
Acca sellowiana (= Feijoa sellowiana) Pineapple Guavaxxl 5.4010 seeds
Acnistus arborescens Hollowheart, Wild Tobacco 4.6010 seeds
Adansonia gregorii Australian Baobab, Gadawonxxl 8.6010 seeds
Aegle marmelos Bael, Bengal Quince, Wood Applexxl 4.8010 seeds
Aframomum angustifolium xxl 5.0010 seeds
Aframomum mildbraedii 5.4010 seeds
Allophylus cobbe Tit Berryxxl 5.6010 seeds
Aloe comosa xxl 5.0010 seeds
Aloe vera 5.3010 seeds
Alpinia oxymitra 6.4010 seeds
Amomum maximum (= A. dealbatum) Java Cardamom 5.6010 seeds
Amomum subulatum Black Cardamom, Nepal Cardamom 5.6010 seeds
Amomum uliginosum xxl 5.8010 seeds
Ampelocissus martini 4.6010 seeds
Anacardium excelsum Wild Cashew 5.105 seeds
Androstephium caeruleum Blue Funnel Lily 9.1010 seeds
Annona acutiflora Long-Flowered Custard Apple 24.305 seeds
Annona aurantiaca Savanna Custard Applexxl 25.205 seeds
Annona bahiensis xxl 27.505 seeds
Annona cherimola Cherimoya, Custard Apple 5.8010 seeds
Annona dioica Araticum do campoxxl 19.605 seeds
Annona edulis xxl 5.9010 seeds
Annona herzogii Herzog's Sugar Applexxl 25.205 seeds
Annona hypoglauca Climbing Custard Applexxl 14.705 seeds
Annona monticola xxl 17.905 seeds
Annona muricata Soursop, Graviola 5.8010 seeds
Annona neolaurifolia (= Rollinia laurifolia) Araticum Açuxxl 33.205 seeds
Annona parviflora Beach Custard Applexxl 25.205 seeds
Annona purpurea Soncoyaxxl 8.6010 seeds
Annona reticulata Wild Sweetsopxxl 7.0010 seeds
Annona rugulosa (= Rollinia rugulosa) Hardy Custard Applexxl 25.205 seeds
Annona senegalensis African Custard Applexxl 33.205 seeds
Annona spinescens 25.205 seeds
Annona squamosa Sugar Apple, Sweetsopxxl 5.3010 seeds
Annona stenophylla Dwarf Custard Apple 37.905 seeds
Annona ubatubensis (= Rollinia ubatubensis) Aratimoiaxxl 25.205 seeds
Anomianthus dulcis xxl 7.7010 seeds
Antidesma bunius Bignay, Buni, Salamander Tree 2.705 seeds
Antidesma dallachyanum Herbert River Cherry 5.1010 seeds
Antidesma ghaesembilla Black Currant Treexxl 5.3010 seeds
Antidesma montanum var. montanum Mountain Currant Treexxl 4.8010 seeds
Antidesma puncticulatum Mao Luang 5.1010 seeds
Antidesma velutinosum xxl 5.4010 seeds
Antidesma venosum Tassel Berry 5.6010 seeds
Arachis hypogaea Peanutxxl 5.6010 seeds
Araucaria araucana - EU ONLY Monkey Puzzle Tree 5.105 seeds
Arbutus unedo Strawberry Treexxl 4.8010 seeds
Ardisia fulva Malay Coralberry 5.6010 seeds
Ardisia macrocarpa Himalayan Coralberryxxl 5.4010 seeds
Argania spinosa Argan Treexxl 8.6010 seeds
Aristotelia chilensis Maqui Berry 10.2010 seeds
Aronia melanocarpa Black Chokeberryxxl 4.8010 seeds
Attalea phalerata (= Scheelea phalerata) Urucuri Palm 7.205 seeds
Averrhoa bilimbi Bilimbi, Cucumber Treexxl 5.3010 seeds
Averrhoa carambola Starfruit 6.2010 seeds
Baccaurea motleyana Rambai 3.505 seeds
Bactris guineensis Tobago Canexxl 5.8010 seeds
Bauhinia thonningii Tambarib, Rhodesian Bauhinia 5.8010 seeds
Bellucia pentamera Coronilloxxl 4.6010 seeds
Bischofia javanica Bishop Wood, Java Cedarxxl 4.6010 seeds
Bixa orellana Achiote, Annatto 4.8010 seeds
Borassus flabellifer Palmyra Palm 21.402 seeds
Borojoa patinoi (= Alibertia patinoi) Borojóxxl 5.4010 seeds
Brahea edulis Guadalupe Palm 6.3010 seeds
Bromelia karatas Plumier's Bromeliaxxl 7.7010 seeds
Bromelia pinguin Wild Pineapplexxl 5.3010 seeds
Browningia viridis xxl 5.6010 seeds
Butia catarinensis Coastal Jelly Palm 5.3010 seeds
Butia paraguayensis B. capitata F1 9.1010 seeds
Butia yatay Yatay Palm 5.8010 seeds
Butia yatay B. paraguayensis F1 9.1010 seeds
Byrsonima aerugo Indano 7.0010 seeds
Byrsonima coccolobifolia Locust Berryxxl 9.905 seeds
Byrsonima crassifolia Golden Spoon, Nancexxl 5.8010 seeds
Calamus longisetus 6.1010 seeds
Calamus paspalanthus xxl 8.305 seeds
Calamus rudentum Lizard Rattanxxl 5.8010 seeds
Callicarpa americana American Beautyberryxxl 4.6010 seeds
Camellia sinensis Tea Plant 6.4010 seeds
Canarina canariensis Canary Bellflowerxxl 5.6010 seeds
Canarium ovatum Pili Nutxxl 10.305 seeds
Canavalia rosea Beach Bean 5.4010 seeds
Capparis bonifaziana Barnix Treexxl 5.8010 seeds
Capsicum sp. 'Bhutan Cherry' 5.6010 seeds
Caragana arborescens Siberian Peashrubxxl 4.6010 seeds
Carica candicans Forest Papayaxxl 10.2010 seeds
Carica cauliflora (= Vasconcellea cauliflora) xxl 11.2010 seeds
Carica cnidoscoloides (= Horovitzia cnidoscoloides) Stinging Papayaxxl 11.8010 seeds
Carica lanceolata Bolivian Papaya Treexxl 18.2010 seeds
Carica microcarpa subsp. baccata Fig Papaya 6.9010 seeds
Carica palandensis (= Vasconcellea palandensis) Papailloxxl 19.2010 seeds
Carica papaya 'Honeydew' Papayaxxl 4.6010 seeds
Carica papaya 'Mamba Numba' 5.8010 seeds
Carica papaya 'Mammoth' Papayaxxl 5.1010 seeds
Carica papaya 'Nickerie Long' Nickerie Papaya 9.9010 seeds
Carica papaya 'Wild Small Fruit' Wild Papayaxxl 7.7010 seeds
Carica pubescens (= Vasconcellea pubescens) Mountain Papayaxxl 4.8010 seeds
Carica pubescens 'Cundinamarca' (= C. cundinamarcensis) Cundinamarca Papayaxxl 7.0010 seeds
Carica weberhaueri Maushánxxl 19.2010 seeds
Carissa carandas Karandaxxl 5.3010 seeds
Carnegiea gigantea Saguaro 4.6010 seeds
Carpobrotus edulis Edible Ice Plantxxl 5.3010 seeds
Caryodendron orinocense Taque Nut, Taccy Nutxxl 9.605 seeds
Castanopsis diversifolia 7.6010 seeds
Cavendishia adenophora Love Rosexxl 7.0010 seeds
Cavendishia bracteata Mountain Grapexxl 5.0010 seeds
Cavendishia bracteata 'Quindío' Mountain Grapexxl 5.4010 seeds
Cavendishia dulcis Sweet Love Rosexxl 9.6010 seeds
Cavendishia tryphera Male Love Rosexxl 7.0010 seeds
Cephalotaxus fortunei Fortune Plum Yew 6.1010 seeds
Cephalotaxus sinensis var. sinensis Chinese Plum Yew 6.4010 seeds
Ceratonia siliqua Carob Tree, Locust Beanxxl 5.3010 seeds
Chaenomeles sinensis (= Pseudocydonia sinensis) Chinese Quincexxl 5.1010 seeds
Chrysanthemoides monilifera Tick Berry 5.3010 seeds
Chrysobalanus icaco Cocoplumxxl 9.6010 seeds
Chrysophyllum cainito Star Applexxl 8.6010 seeds
Chrysophyllum viridifolium 5.4010 seeds
Cionosicyos macranthus (= Cayaponia macranthus) Chinese Passion Fruit 11.2010 seeds
Citrullus lanatus var. citroides Wild Watermelon, Tsamma Melonxxl 7.0010 seeds
Citrus hystrix Kaffir Limexxl 7.0010 seeds
Citrus jambhiri Rough Skinned Lemonxxl 10.2010 seeds
Clavija lehmannii Truffula Treexxl 15.505 seeds
Clavija longifolia 5.8010 seeds
Clavija membranacea Shiculin Pijcha 7.5010 seeds
Clidemia hirta (= Melastoma hirta) xxl 4.6010 seeds
Clitoria ternatea Butterfly Peaxxl 5.4010 seeds
Cnestis palala xxl 5.3010 seeds
Coccinia grandis Ivy Gourdxxl 5.8010 seeds
Coccocypselum lanceolatum Creepy Blue Velvetxxl 5.4010 seeds
Coffea arabica Arabica Coffeexxl 5.3010 seeds
Coffea canephora Robusta Coffeexxl 5.3010 seeds
Consolea moniliformis Semaphore Cactusxxl 6.6010 seeds
Cordia dichotoma Fragrant Manjack, Glue Berryxxl 5.1010 seeds
Cordia myxa Assyrian Plumxxl 5.1010 seeds
Cordia sebestena Scarlet Cordiaxxl 5.9010 seeds
Cordia tetrandra 5.4010 seeds
Cordia wallichii Large Sebestenxxl 5.1010 seeds
Cordyline petiolaris Broad-leaved Palm Lily 5.3010 seeds
Cordyline rubra Red Fruited Palm Lily 5.8010 seeds
Cornus kousa Kousa Dogwoodxxl 5.3010 seeds
Corryocactus brevistylus xxl 4.6010 seeds
Corylus avellana Hazelnutxxl 5.4010 seeds
Coussarea latifolia xxl 6.6010 seeds
Crataegus mexicana Mexican Hawthorn 7.0010 seeds
Crataegus pinnatifida Chinese Hawthornxxl 5.4010 seeds
Crateva religiosa Sacred Garlic Pearxxl 5.4010 seeds
Crescentia alata Jicaroxxl 4.8010 seeds
Crotalaria retusa Yellow Rattlebox, Devil Bean 5.0010 seeds
Cucumis anguria Burr Cucumberxxl 4.8010 seeds
Cucumis melo 'Agrestis' Wild Musk Melonxxl 4.6010 seeds
Cucumis melo 'Armenian Giant' Giant Persian Melonxxl 8.6010 seeds
Cucumis melo 'Zugdidi Giant' Giant Musk Melonxxl 8.6010 seeds
Cucurbita foetidissima Buffalo Gourdxxl 5.8010 seeds
Curtisia dentata Assegai, Cape Lancewoodxxl 5.4010 seeds
Cyclanthera brachybotrys Achuqcha 6.1010 seeds
Cyclanthera pedata (= Momordica pedata) Caiguaxxl 2.705 seeds
Cylindropuntia whipplei (= Opuntia whipplei) Whipple Chollaxxl 5.6010 seeds
Cyphomandra abutiloides (= Solanum abutiloides) xxl 4.6010 seeds
Cyphomandra betacea (= Solanum betaceum) Tamarillo 4.6010 seeds
Cyphomandra hartwegii Hartweg's Tamarilloxxl 5.6010 seeds
Cyphomandra sibundoyensis (= Solanum sibundoyense) Forest Tamarillo 5.4010 seeds
Cyrtocarpa edulis Desert Plumxxl 18.2010 seeds
Dasymaschalon blumei (= Desmos dasymaschalus) Malayan Annona 9.9010 seeds
Decaisnea insignis (= D. fargesii) Dead Man's Fingers, Blue Bean Treexxl 5.4010 seeds
Deinbollia oblongifolia 6.1010 seeds
Dendroseris litoralis Juan Fernández Cabbage Treexxl 8.305 seeds
Dialium cochinchinense Velvet Tamarind 8.6010 seeds
Dianella tasmanica Tasmanian Flax Lilyxxl 5.3010 seeds
Dillenia indica Chulta Tree 4.8010 seeds
Dillenia obovata xxl 7.0010 seeds
Diospyros inconstans xxl 8.8010 seeds
Diospyros lotus Date Plumxxl 5.4010 seeds
Diospyros lycioides Bluebush, Monkey Plum 5.1010 seeds
Diospyros nigra Black Sapotexxl 10.2010 seeds
Diospyros riojae Mountain Sapotexxl 6.405 seeds
Diospyros virginiana American Persimmonxxl 5.8010 seeds
Diospyros whyteana Blackbarkxxl 5.4010 seeds
Dovyalis caffra Kei Applexxl 5.4010 seeds
Dovyalis hebecarpa Ketembilla, Ceylon Gooseberryxxl 5.0010 seeds
Dracontomelon dao New Guinea Walnutxxl 22.4010 seeds
Duguetia confinis xxl 9.902 seeds
Duguetia furfuracea Pindauva do Campoxxl 41.205 seeds
Duguetia lepidota (= Annona lepidota) Yara Yaraxxl 18.402 seeds
Duguetia marcgraviana Marcgrave Sugar Applexxl 33.205 seeds
Duguetia peruviana xxl 29.905 seeds
Duguetia phaeoclados Cherry Sugarapplexxl 33.205 seeds
Duguetia uniflora (= Annona uniflora) 41.205 seeds
Echinopsis atacamensis 6.4010 seeds
Elaeagnus angustifolia Russian Olivexxl 4.6010 seeds
Elaeagnus rhamnoides (= Hippophae rhamnoides) Common Sea Buckthornxxl 4.8010 seeds
Elaeis guineensis 'Tenera' African Oil Palm 5.6010 seeds
Elaeocarpus hygrophilus 5.4010 seeds
Elaeocarpus serratus (= E. ganitrus) Avil Treexxl 6.1010 seeds
Elettaria cardamomum True Cardamom, Green Cardamomxxl 5.3010 seeds
Epiphyllum phyllanthus Climbing Cactusxxl 5.4010 seeds
Erythrina edulis Basul Treexxl 10.005 seeds
Escontria chiotilla Chiotilla Cactusxxl 5.3010 seeds
Euclea crispa Blue Guarri, Blue Ebony 5.3010 seeds
Eugeissona tristis Dull Bertam Palm 17.105 seeds
Eugenia brasiliensis Brazil Cherry, Grumixamaxxl 7.0010 seeds
Eulychnia acida Copao 4.6010 seeds
Eulychnia breviflora 4.8010 seeds
Eulychnia iquiquensis xxl 5.4010 seeds
Euterpe oleracea 'Pará Dwarf' 'Super Berry', Açaí Palm 8.0010 seeds
Evodia fraxinifolia Khanakpa 5.4010 seeds
Facheiroa ulei 4.8010 seeds
Faidherbia albida (= Acacia albida) Ana Treexxl 5.8010 seeds
Ficus auriculata (= F. roxburghii) Roxburgh Fig 5.3010 seeds
Ficus habrophylla Giant Leaf Fig 5.6010 seeds
Ficus hispida Hairy Figxxl 5.3010 seeds
Ficus hurlimannii Hurlimann's Fig 7.0010 seeds
Ficus petiolaris xxl 6.1010 seeds
Ficus semicordata Drooping Figxxl 5.3010 seeds
Ficus sp. 'Ambae Golden' xxl 6.2010 seeds
Ficus sp. 'Jungle Fig' 5.9010 seeds
Ficus sur Cape Fig, Broom Cluster Figxxl 5.3010 seeds
Flacourtia indica Governor's Plum 5.6010 seeds
Flacourtia inermis Lovi-Lovixxl 5.1010 seeds
Floscopa scandens 4.8010 seeds
Flueggea virosa White Berry Bushxxl 5.0010 seeds
Forchhammeria watsonii Lollipop Treexxl 19.7010 seeds
Garcinia cowa Cova Treexxl 6.4010 seeds
Garcinia dulcis - germinated Maphuutxxl 4.405 seeds
Garcinia gardneriana (= Rheedia gardneriana) Bacupari, Yellow Mangosteen 2.805 seeds
Garcinia lanceifolia - germinated (= G. gracilis) xxl 6.9010 seeds
Garcinia schomburgkiana Madanxxl 7.0010 seeds
Garcinia xanthochymus (= G. tinctoria) Gambobe, False or Yellow Mangosteenxxl 6.705 seeds
Gardenia erubescens Female Gardenia 5.6010 seeds
Gaultheria hispida Snow Berry 4.6010 seeds
Gaultheria mucronata (= Pernettya mucronata) 5.0010 seeds
Gaultheria pumila var. leucocarpa xxl 5.3010 seeds
Geissanthus vanderwerffii Charmolán 5.4010 seeds
Genipa americana Marmalade Box, Jaguaxxl 5.8010 seeds
Geoffroea decorticans Chañar, Chilean Green Wood 5.105 seeds
Gleditsia triacanthos Honey Locustxxl 5.0010 seeds
Glycosmis pentaphylla Orangeberry, Gin Berryxxl 7.0010 seeds
Gmelina arborea Beechwood, White Teakxxl 5.4010 seeds
Greigia sphacelata Hardy Pineapplexxl 7.0010 seeds
Grewia flava Brandybush, Velvet Raisin 5.4010 seeds
Grewia occidentalis Cross-berry, Lavender Starflower 5.4010 seeds
Guettarda crispiflora xxl 5.9010 seeds
Halleria lucida Tree Fuchsiaxxl 5.4010 seeds
Hamelia patens Mexican Firebushxxl 5.1010 seeds
Harpephyllum caffrum African Wild Plumxxl 5.6010 seeds
Harrisia divaricata xxl 5.3010 seeds
Harrisia eriophora Fragrant Prickly Applexxl 6.4010 seeds
Harrisia pomanensis xxl 5.6010 seeds
Hibiscus sabdariffa Roselle, Red Sorrelxxl 4.8010 seeds
Hornstedtia scottiana xxl 8.6010 seeds
Hornstedtia tomentosa 5.9010 seeds
Hovenia dulcis Japanese Raisin Treexxl 5.4010 seeds
Hylocereus costaricensis Red Pitaya, Red Dragon Fruit 5.8010 seeds
Hylocereus megalanthus Yellow Pitaya, Yellow Dragon Fruitxxl 5.4010 seeds
Hymenaea courbaril Jatobá, Brazilian Copalxxl 12.4010 seeds
Ilex paraguariensis Maté, Yerba Maté 4.6010 seeds
Iochroma edule 'Sweetheart' xxl 5.4010 seeds
Irvingia malayana Wild Almondxxl 8.9010 seeds
Jacaratia digitata (= Carica digitata) Chamburo, Papaya Caspixxl 10.2010 seeds
Jacaratia mexicana Mexican Mountain Papayaxxl 11.8010 seeds
Jacaratia mexicana 'Maroon' Mexican Mountain Papayaxxl 10.2010 seeds
Jaltomata bernardelloana xxl 6.1010 seeds
Jaltomata bohsiana xxl 5.8010 seeds
Jaltomata cajacayensis Mushoxxl 5.8010 seeds
Jaltomata incahuasina xxl 11.8010 seeds
Jaltomata procumbens Xaltomatl, Creeping False Hollyxxl 5.4010 seeds
Jaltomata repandidentata 5.8010 seeds
Jaltomata sinuosa xxl 8.0010 seeds
Jaltomata ventricosa Sogoromexxl 6.1010 seeds
Jaltomata weberbaueri xxl 8.0010 seeds
Jarilla caudata (= Carica caudata) Jarillaxxl 13.4010 seeds
Jarilla chocola Chocolaxxl 13.4010 seeds
Jarilla heterophylla (= Carica nana) Granadina, Jarillaxxl 16.6010 seeds
Jubaea chilensis Chilean Wine Palm 10.2010 seeds
Juglans microcarpa Texas Walnutxxl 9.905 seeds
Juglans mollis Cloud Forest Walnut 15.005 seeds
Juglans neotropica Andean Walnutxxl 10.005 seeds
Juglans pyriformis Oaxaca Walnutxxl 20.605 seeds
Juglans regia Walnutxxl 8.505 seeds
Kibaropsis caledonica xxl 17.205 seeds
Lannea asymmetrica 7.0010 seeds
Lapageria rosea Copihue, Chilean Bellflower 8.6010 seeds
Leea indica Bandicoot Berryxxl 5.3010 seeds
Leptocereus paniculatus xxl 5.3010 seeds
Leucaena collinsii Chalip 5.1010 seeds
Limnobotrya lacustris (= Ribes lacustre) Prickly Currantxxl 6.1010 seeds
Lophocereus schottii (= Pachycereus schottii) xxl 5.6010 seeds
Luffa cylindrica (= L. aegyptiaca) Loofah, Sponge Gourd 5.4010 seeds
Luma apiculata Arrayan, Chilean Myrtle 5.8010 seeds
Lycianthes moziniana Tlanoxtlexxl 16.6010 seeds
Lycianthes pauciflora xxl 5.8010 seeds
Macleania rupestris xxl 5.4010 seeds
Maclura tinctoria (= Chlorophora tinctoria) Dyer's Mulberry, Fustic Tree 4.6010 seeds
Maclura tricuspidata (= Cudrania tricuspidata) Chinese Che, Mandarin Melon Berry 4.8010 seeds
Mahonia aquifolium Oregon Hollygrapexxl 4.8010 seeds
Manilkara hexandra (= Mimusops hexandra) Ceylon Iron Woodxxl 4.8010 seeds
Manilkara zapota Sapodillaxxl 6.7010 seeds
Melientha suavis xxl 6.4010 seeds
Melothria dulcis Sweet Cucumberxxl 7.8010 seeds
Melothria pendula Guadeloupe Cucumber 5.3010 seeds
Memecylon caeruleum Blue Strawberry Flowers 5.0010 seeds
Miconia lithophila Pepa de Osoxxl 5.8010 seeds
Microcos tomentosa (= Grewia paniculata) xxl 5.6010 seeds
Mimusops caffra Coast Red Milkwoodxxl 5.4010 seeds
Mimusops elengi Spanish Cherryxxl 6.4010 seeds
Mimusops obovata Coastal Red Milkwood 5.3010 seeds
Molineria latifolia (= Curculigo latifolia) xxl 5.6010 seeds
Momordica cochinchinensis Gac Fruitxxl 20.2010 seeds
Moringa drouhardii Bottle Tree 14.0010 seeds
Moringa hildebrandtii xxl 10.2010 seeds
Moringa oleifera Drumstick Tree, Horseradish Treexxl 5.6010 seeds
Morisonia americana (= Capparis morisonia) Ratapple, Small Maboloxxl 9.905 seeds
Muntingia calabura Jamaican Cherry, Panama Berry 4.6010 seeds
Musa acuminata subsp. acuminata 'Dwarf' xxl 5.4010 seeds
Musa balbisiana var. balbisiana Sweet Banana 5.6010 seeds
Musa itinerans 'Burmese Blue' Blue Burmese Banana 5.6010 seeds
Musa itinerans var. kavalanensis Ilan Yellow Bananaxxl 7.2010 seeds
Musa johnsii Mel Bananaxxl 11.8010 seeds
Musa sp. 'Helens Hybrid' Helen's Banana 6.1010 seeds
Musa thomsonii Thomson's Banana 5.6010 seeds
Musa velutina Pink Dwarf Banana 5.4010 seeds
Myrcianthes leucoxyla Castile Guavaxxl 5.3010 seeds
Nauclea orientalis Canary Wood 5.6010 seeds
Ochagavia elegans 13.6010 seeds
Ombrophytum subterraneum Amañocoxxl 10.2010 seeds
Omphalea oleifera 15.605 seeds
Oncoba spinosa Snuff Box Tree 5.3010 seeds
Opuntia chlorotica Clockface Prickly Pear 7.7010 seeds
Opuntia dillenii xxl 5.4010 seeds
Opuntia dulcis Sweet Prickly Pear 5.6010 seeds
Opuntia durangensis Durango Prickly Pearxxl 7.0010 seeds
Opuntia engelmannii var. engelmannii Texas Prickly Pear Cactusxxl 5.3010 seeds
Opuntia ficus-indica Indian Fig Cactusxxl 5.6010 seeds
Opuntia ficus-indica 'Purple Fruit' Indian Fig Cactusxxl 5.6010 seeds
Opuntia hyptiacantha (= O. chavena) 5.8010 seeds
Opuntia maxima xxl 5.1010 seeds
Opuntia megacantha Large-Thorned Prickly Pear 5.8010 seeds
Opuntia phaeacantha Mojave Prickly Pearxxl 5.1010 seeds
Opuntia spinulifera (= O. heliabravoana) Large Roundleaved Prickly Pearxxl 6.2010 seeds
Oroxylum indicum Tree of Damoclesxxl 5.4010 seeds
Oxystelma esculentum 5.8010 seeds
Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum Indian Combxxl 5.3010 seeds
Pachycereus weberi Oaxaca Cardonxxl 5.3010 seeds
Pachyrhizus tuberosus Yam Bean 16.6010 seeds
Padus virginiana (= Prunus virginiana) Chokecherryxxl 5.9010 seeds
Pandanus furcatus Himalaya Screw Pine 5.8010 seeds
Pandanus leram Nicobar Breadfruitxxl 19.705 seeds
Pandanus odorifer (= P. odoratissimus) Kewra 8.2010 seeds
Pandanus spiralis xxl 19.005 seeds
Paranephelium xestophyllum 5.4010 seeds
Parkia timoriana (= P. roxburghii) Tree Bean, Nitta Tree 5.8010 seeds
Parthenocissus semicordata (= P. himalayana) Himalaya Grapevinexxl 5.3010 seeds
Passiflora auriculata Black Granadillaxxl 6.1010 seeds
Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa Passion Fruitxxl 5.0010 seeds
Passiflora foetida var. foetida Wild Maracuja 5.6010 seeds
Passiflora foetida var. gossypiifolia Cottonleaf passionflowerxxl 6.4010 seeds
Passiflora ligularis Sweet Granadillaxxl 4.6010 seeds
Passiflora maliformis Sweet Cup, Sweet Calabashxxl 4.6010 seeds
Passiflora mollissima Taxo, Banana Passionfruitxxl 4.8010 seeds
Passiflora pinnatistipula Poro Poroxxl 18.4010 seeds
Passiflora quadrangularis Giant Granadilla 5.3010 seeds
Passiflora sp. 'Tiny Star' xxl 6.4010 seeds
Passiflora suberosa Corky-stemmed Passion Flowerxxl 5.8010 seeds
Passiflora tiliifolia Linden Leaved Passion Flowerxxl 8.2010 seeds
Pavonia burchellii xxl 5.6010 seeds
Pentagonia macrophylla xxl 5.6010 seeds
Pereskia bleo Rose Cactusxxl 5.105 seeds
Phoenix dactylifera Date Palmxxl 5.3010 seeds
Phyllanthus acidus (= Averrhoa acida) Otaheite Gooseberry 5.8010 seeds
Phyllanthus emblica Indian Gooseberry, Amla 4.8010 seeds
Phyllostachys edulis (= P. pubescens) Moso Bamboo 5.1010 seeds
Physalis angulata Cutleaf Ground Cherryxxl 5.4010 seeds
Physalis cinerascens xxl 5.8010 seeds
Physalis coztomatl xxl 5.6010 seeds
Physalis crassifolia Desert Groundcherryxxl 5.8010 seeds
Physalis hederifolia Ivyleaf Groundcherryxxl 5.8010 seeds
Physalis peruviana Inca Berryxxl 4.8010 seeds
Physalis peruviana 'Colombia Select' Inca Berry 4.6010 seeds
Physalis philadelphica (= P. ixocarpa) Tomatilloxxl 4.8010 seeds
Physalis philadelphica 'Wild Oaxaca' Wild Tomatilloxxl 5.8010 seeds
Physalis pruinosa Ground Cherry, Strawberry Tomato 4.8010 seeds
Pilosocereus chrysacanthus xxl 5.4010 seeds
Pilosocereus polygonus xxl 5.6010 seeds
Pinus armandii David's Pine, Chinese White Pine 5.4010 seeds
Pinus cembra Swiss Stone Pinexxl 5.8010 seeds
Pinus cembroides subsp. orizabensis Orizaba Dwarf Piñon 11.8010 seeds
Pinus edulis Colorado Pinyon 6.4010 seeds
Pinus pumila Japanese Stone Pinexxl 5.6010 seeds
Pinus torreyana Torrey Pine 11.8010 seeds
Piper attenuatum Chabo 5.6010 seeds
Piper auritum Mexican Pepperleaf, Hoja Santaxxl 4.6010 seeds
Piper longum Indian Long Pepperxxl 5.3010 seeds
Piper peepuloides Long Pepperxxl 5.6010 seeds
Pithecellobium dulce Blackbead, Manila Tamarindxxl 5.0010 seeds
Plagiostachys albiflora Munong 7.5010 seeds
Plagiostachys crocydocalyx Banjang Ginger 7.5010 seeds
Plectocomiopsis geminiflora Paired Flower Rattan Palmxxl 7.0010 seeds
Plethiandra sp. 'Creamy Star' Jambu Ara 5.3010 seeds
Plinia cauliflora (= Myrciaria cauliflora) Brazilian Grape Tree, Jaboticabaxxl 10.2010 seeds
Plukenetia volubilis Sacha Inchi, Inca Peanutxxl 6.6010 seeds
Polyalthia cerasoides xxl 5.6010 seeds
Polyalthia debilis xxl 5.8010 seeds
Posoqueria latifolia Needle Flower Tree, Tree Jasminexxl 10.2010 seeds
Pouteria caimito Abiuxxl 7.0010 seeds
Prosopis alba 'Banana Carob' Banana Carob Tree, White Carob Tree 6.1010 seeds
Prosopis chilensis 'Large Fruited' Chilean Carob Tree 5.8010 seeds
Prosopis pubescens Screwbean Mesquitexxl 4.8010 seeds
Protium serratum Indian Red Pearxxl 5.8010 seeds
Protium serratum 'Red' Indian Red Pearxxl 10.1010 seeds
Prumnopitys andina Mountain Grape 10.1010 seeds
Prumnopitys ferruginea (= Podocarpus ferrugineus) Miro, Brown Pine 9.805 seeds
Prunus cerasifera (= P. myrobalana) Cherry Plumxxl 5.4010 seeds
Prunus domestica 'Armenia' 5.8010 seeds
Prunus domestica 'Black Delight' xxl 6.4010 seeds
Prunus domestica 'Golden Honey Suckle' Gold Plumxxl 7.7010 seeds
Prunus domestica 'Golden Red' xxl 9.6010 seeds
Prunus domestica 'Nutmeg Plum' xxl 8.6010 seeds
Prunus domestica 'Tart Red-Purple' xxl 7.0010 seeds
Prunus domestica 'Tiny Purple' xxl 6.4010 seeds
Prunus domestica 'Tiny Sweet' xxl 7.0010 seeds
Prunus domestica 'Tricolor' xxl 6.4010 seeds
Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca 'Red Speckled' Mirabelle Plumxxl 8.3010 seeds
Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca 'Sweet Orange' Mirabelle Plumxxl 7.7010 seeds
Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca 'Tiny Tart' Mirabelle Plumxxl 7.0010 seeds
Prunus laurocerasus Cherry Laurelxxl 5.4010 seeds
Prunus padus Bird Cherryxxl 4.6010 seeds
Prunus salicifolia Mexican Bird Cherry 6.2010 seeds
Prunus serotina subsp. serotina Black Cherry, Wild Cherry 4.8010 seeds
Psidium acutangulum 5.4010 seeds
Psidium guajava Common or Apple Guava 4.8010 seeds
Psidium guajava 'Colombian Red' 4.8010 seeds
Pyracantha coccinea Scarlet Firethornxxl 4.6010 seeds
Quercus humboldtii xxl 15.4010 seeds
Randia thurberi xxl 7.7010 seeds
Renealmia alpinia 'Oaxacan Purple' Tasty Ginger 5.4010 seeds
Retanilla ephedra Frutilla del Campo 8.705 seeds
Rhoicissus rhomboidea Glossy Forest Grape, Rope-Wood Grape 5.3010 seeds
Rhus integrifolia Lemonade Berry 5.3010 seeds
Rhus trilobata Skunk Bush Sumac, Indian Lemonadexxl 6.2010 seeds
Rhus typhina Staghorn Sumac, Velvet Sumacxxl 4.8010 seeds
Rollinia dolabripetala (= Annona dolabripetala) Araticuíxxl 25.205 seeds
Rollinia exsucca (= Annona exsucca) Salty Biribaxxl 25.205 seeds
Rollinia mucosa (= R. deliciosa) Biriba, Wild Sweet Sopxxl 5.8010 seeds
Rollinia xylopiifolia (= Annona xylopifolia) Araticu-Jaíxxl 25.205 seeds
Rosa acicularis Prickly Rosexxl 5.8010 seeds
Rosa canina xxl 4.6010 seeds
Rosa woodsii Prairie Rosexxl 5.6010 seeds
Rosenbergiodendron formosum (= Randia formosa) Blackberry Jam Fruitxxl 5.8010 seeds
Rubus ellipticus Golden Himalayan Raspberry 5.6010 seeds
Rubus glaucus Andean Raspberry 4.6010 seeds
Rubus niveus Mysore Raspberryxxl 5.6010 seeds
Sambucus africana African Elderberryxxl 8.8010 seeds
Santalum acuminatum Desert or Sweet Quandongxxl 9.0010 seeds
Santalum murrayanum Bitter Quandong 11.8010 seeds
Sapindus saponaria Soapberryxxl 5.6010 seeds
Schinus molle Peruvian Pepper 4.8010 seeds
Schisandra chinensis Five-Flavor Berryxxl 4.8010 seeds
Schleichera oleosa Malay Lac Treexxl 5.4010 seeds
Sclerocarya birrea Marula 6.7010 seeds
Searsia lancea (= Rhus lancea) African Sumac, Karee 5.4010 seeds
Sesbania grandiflora Scarlet Wisteria Tree 4.6010 seeds
Sicana odorifera Musk Cucumber, Cassabanana 5.4010 seeds
Sideroxylon capiri Tempisque 13.305 seeds
Sideroxylon celastrinum Saffron Plumxxl 7.0010 seeds
Sideroxylon palmeri Tempesquistle 8.6010 seeds
Sindora siamensis 8.6010 seeds
Siraitia grosvenorii (= Momordica grosvenorii) Buddha Fruit, Monk's Fruit, Luohan Guo 5.8010 seeds
Solanum anguivi (= S. indicum) Forest Bitterberryxxl 4.6010 seeds
Solanum bicorne xxl 11.2010 seeds
Solanum candidum Fuzzyfruit Nightshade 5.1010 seeds
Solanum caripense Tzimbaloxxl 4.6010 seeds
Solanum ferox Hairy Eggplant, Terong Bulu 5.3010 seeds
Solanum grandiflorum Wolf Fruitxxl 4.8010 seeds
Solanum lanceifolium xxl 5.6010 seeds
Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme Wild Tomato 5.6010 seeds
Solanum macrocarpon African Eggplant 5.4010 seeds
Solanum pimpinellifolium Currant Tomatoxxl 5.0010 seeds
Solanum quitoense Naranjilla, Luloxxl 4.6010 seeds
Solanum sessiliflorum Cocona 4.8010 seeds
Solanum sessiliflorum 'Red Giant' Large Yellow Coconaxxl 6.4010 seeds
Solanum sessiliflorum 'Red Topiro' Small Red Coconaxxl 5.3010 seeds
Solanum sisymbriifolium Sticky Nightshadexxl 6.1010 seeds
Solanum stramoniifolium Bura-Bura, Coconillaxxl 4.8010 seeds
Solanum torvum Turkey Berryxxl 4.6010 seeds
Solanum trilobatum Thai Nightshadexxl 5.0010 seeds
Solanum virginianum (= S. xanthocarpum) Thorny Nightshade, Thai Eggplantxxl 4.8010 seeds
Spondias mombin Hog Plum 5.8010 seeds
Spondias pinnata Andaman Mombin, Ambadaxxl 6.4010 seeds
Stenocereus fimbriatus xxl 7.7010 seeds
Stenocereus gummosus Sour Pitayaxxl 5.4010 seeds
Stenocereus queretaroensis 'Amarillo' xxl 5.6010 seeds
Stenocereus queretaroensis 'Blanco' xxl 5.6010 seeds
Stenocereus queretaroensis 'Rojo' xxl 5.6010 seeds
Stenocereus queretaroensis 'Rosita' xxl 5.6010 seeds
Sterculia foetida Java Olivexxl 5.4010 seeds
Sterculia guttata 5.4010 seeds
Streblus asper Sandpaper Tree 5.8010 seeds
Syagrus cearensis Twin Palm 20.4010 seeds
Syagrus vagans Wandering Palm 12.305 seeds
Synsepalum dulcificum Miracle Berry 5.8010 seeds
Syzygium jambos Rose Apple, Wax Applexxl 4.005 seeds
Syzygium malaccense Malay Rose Applexxl 19.8010 seeds
Tabernaemontana sananho Wolf Plant, Shiric Sanangoxxl 13.905 seeds
Tamarindus indica Tamarind 5.3010 seeds
Terminalia catappa Malabar Almond, Sea Almondxxl 17.5010 seeds
Terminalia chebula Black Myrobalanxxl 5.3010 seeds
Tetrapleura tetraptera Aridanxxl 8.6010 seeds
Toona sinensis Chinese Mahoganyxxl 4.8010 seeds
Torreya grandis Chinese Nutmeg Yew 11.905 seeds
Trianaea speciosa xxl 5.8010 seeds
Trichosanthes pilosa (= T. ovigera) xxl 5.6010 seeds
Trigonella foenum-graecum Fenugreekxxl 4.6010 seeds
Uvaria grandiflora xxl 8.6010 seeds
Uvaria hahnii 3.405 seeds
Uvaria littoralis (= U. cordata) xxl 8.0010 seeds
Uvaria rufa xxl 11.7010 seeds
Vangueria infausta African Medlarxxl 5.3010 seeds
Vigna subterranea Bambara Groundnutxxl 5.6010 seeds
Vigna unguiculata (= Dolichos biflorus) Blackeyed Pea, Cowpeaxxl 4.8010 seeds
Vigna vexillata Zombi peaxxl 5.3010 seeds
Vitex gigantea Pechiche 5.6010 seeds
Vitis mustangensis Mustang Grapexxl 6.7010 seeds
Weberbauerocereus weberbaueri (= Cereus weberbaueri) Golden Arequipa Cactusxxl 5.6010 seeds
Yucca baccata var. vespertina Mojave Datil Yucca 5.8010 seeds
Yucca valida Datilillo-Yuccaxxl 5.8010 seeds
Zanthoxylum bungeanum (= Z. simulans) Sichuan Pepper 4.8010 seeds
Zanthoxylum nitidum Shiny Leaf Prickly Ashxxl 5.6010 seeds
Zanthoxylum rhetsa (= Z. limonella) Tirphal Pepperxxl 5.6010 seeds
Zehneria scabra xxl 5.4010 seeds
Ziziphus jujuba Red date, Chinese date 5.6010 seeds
Ziziphus mauritiana Indian Plum 5.4010 seeds
Ziziphus mucronata Cape Thorn, Buffalo Thornxxl 5.4010 seeds
Ziziphus oenopolia Jackal Jujubexxl 5.8010 seeds
Ziziphus thyrsiflora Ébanoxxl 6.6010 seeds
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