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Beccariophoenix alfredii

This recently discovered, new Beccariophoenix originates in a humid valley on the high plateaux in Madagascar, where the temperatures can drop below freezing at night in winter, making it ideal also for more temperate areas with moderate freezes. The plant is quite distinct from B. madagascariensis.

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germination comments by our visitors
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Seeds from this species ...

... are easy to germinate and need up to 3 months to sprout.
Once underway, these seeds are very vigorous during germination. On arrival, soaked seeds for 80 hrs. in warm water, then dipped & rinsed in 10% bleach solution, placed on top of damp sphagnum moss in small, sealed plastic containers above propagation mat heat. First germination in less than a month, followed by others within 2 months. Remaining seeds continue to germinate 3 months later. Almost 50% germination rate to date. Once taproot is ~ 1/2 inch in length and 1st initial leaf is visible, transplanted each one to a tree pot.
Submitted on 06/08/2011 by one of our visitors

... are very easy to germinate and need up to 1 month to sprout.
I ordered 20 of these seeds and 17 germinated within a 3 week time period and the others before the month was over. And I was given more than the amount ordered! Love the palm and Absolutely!! love the company Rarepalmseeds. com, Always have great results, Thank you for always delivering more than the expected.
Submitted on 13/05/2011 by Timothy Hoehn-Boydston

... are very easy to germinate and need up to 1 month to sprout.
These seeds are very easy to germinate. pre- soaked in water 3 days then sown in moist coco peat kept at min 23c. As with Beccario>windows within 6 days already white buttons showing. I think Beccariophoenix Sp have a long seed viability. Germ rate is over 95% every time.
Submitted on 07/02/2009 by Jeremy sayle

... are very easy to germinate and need up to 1 month to sprout.
Seeds of this species are really easy and fast to sprout!I soaked 3 seeds,of the 11 i got from rarepalmseeds,for a day and then sowed them with their flat part halfburried in a tupperware container with coco bedding medium sold for terraria and placed the container on my windowsil,in a place getting 2-3 hours of early morning sun,to achieve a temprature higher than the 24C i ad in room. I got 100% germination in a bit more than a week and planted them individually in 30cm tall pots and placed these in an unheated greenhouse. Growth is satisfying for the 16-23C temprature range we currently have outside,continuing to grow a mm of eophyl every few days but root growth must be much faster and the seedlings establishe themselves without problems!The rest of the seeds were soaked(just after i finished the soaking of the chosen seeds... ) for more than a week after noticing a seed borer problem(soaking kills the bugs and seeds are good again!),to overcome it... After i was completely sure no bug is alive,i left the seeds to dry for a few minutes and placed them in storage. About 3 weeks after,i opened my storage envelope to get a few seeds of another palm species out and to my amagement,i found all seeds germinated and with very long roots!!!!Every single seed had germinated although the ziplock bag had no moisure left on it and still the long roots were fine and growing,without being damaged!One of the seeds was even a double germinator!I store my seeds in a closet that always stays cooler than my room,so the maximum temprature i think would be about 22C with more likely to have been only 20C or a bit less... So,from my experience,the extra heat is not needed to germinate these seeds,although it may speed the already fast germination a few days...
Submitted on 23/10/2008 by Konstantinos Giannopoulos

... are very easy to germinate and need up to 3 months to sprout.
put in a home made propagator with warmish cables. The temperature only reached 25 degrees celsius, the soil was half peat based/half vermiculite kept just moist. Used the baggie method-first came up after 2 months and after 3 months 4 were already well developed. Strong seedlings were overwintered in a frost free dank, dark greenhouse in uk and all survived. Seems this species enjoys cool moist conditions.
Submitted on 30/06/2008 by one of our visitors

... are very easy to germinate and need up to 1 month to sprout.
Using baggie method in HWC, the seeds germinated within 2 weeks, sending down large tap roots. Make sure you plant them out into deep pots.
Submitted on 09/12/2007 by one of our visitors

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plant cultivation comments by our visitors
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Plants from this species ...

... are of excellent ornamental value
In Inland Northern California in USA they need average care and grow fast.
Germinated seedlings transplanted to tree pots to accommodate their deep tap roots and placed outdoors in inland, warm summer weather without bottom heat. Tests in damp soil that is either all potting mix or half sand/half potting mix - results the same. Some seedlings have only a single tap root, some have secondary roots already visible. Placed ventilated plastic cover over each tree pot as seedlings become established. Kept them from full, strong sun for now. Within less than 3 months first seeds to germinate are already putting out 2nd leaf and have almost a 2-inch tap root. Seedlings look very vigorous and probably will continue to draw on food reserves in seed for some time as they develop.
Submitted on 06/08/2011 by one of our visitors

... are of excellent ornamental value
In Porto in Portugal they need average care and grow fast.
This plant is awesome. It can grow pretty quit if you give it sun, heat, and tons of water when hot. fertilize with iron to get them green, very tolerant of neglet, wind and coolness.
Submitted on 04/06/2010 by one of our visitors

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If you wish to read more on palm cultivation, we highly recommend Ornamental Palm Horticulture by Timothy K. Broschat and Alan W. Meerow, available in our bookshop.

Ratings and comments reflect individual experiences and the views of our visitors. They do not necessarily describe the most appropriate methods, nor are they necessarily valid for all seeds or plants of this species. Germination and plant cultivation success depends on many different factors; nevertheless, these experiences will hopefully aid you in your effort to get the best germination results from our seeds and the best growth results from your plants.

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